Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud: Project Execution Management Functional Setup


Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud reinforce to effectively achieve the responsibilities essential to set up Functional training and on how to execute the Project Management contributing in Functional Setup Manager. It covers the execution of project, project resource and task management applications, including integration with Product Lifecycle Management and Sourcing, Microsoft Project and E-Business Suite applications. Course Objectives: Use Practical Setup Manager to instrument the Project Execution Management contributing Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud. Classify the key concepts of managing projects in Oracle Project Portfolio Management Cloud that adjust an optimistic execution. Provision team members with setting up and implementing this cloud course.

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Classroom Training*
Duration : 3 Days
Fee : India : $1,600 , Dubai : $3,200

08-10 (Dubai)
12-14 (Dubai)

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Investment in Oracle Project Portfolio will help us walk away with information and skills to guarantee a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of the Project Execution Management contribution. Helps in better understanding the formation options to style improved conclusions during your implementation. Also, it will helps us know on how to enhance the setup to allow the necessary collaboration between team members and provide the business insight to efficiently plan, create and manage projects in your enterprise.