Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Administration Ed 3 Course Overview

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance: Administration Ed 2 course is a 2 days course that teaches students about administration of the Private Cloud Appliance to give Infrastructure as a Service. The course additionally instructs the policy driven provisioning of application servers & management of the hardware configuration. The essential focus areas of this course incorporate the administration of storage, network, memory, CPU resources, and the management & monitoring of the Private Cloud Appliance components.

  • Cloud Administrators
  • Data Center Managers
  • Network Administrators
  • Support Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • System Integrators

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Your will learn:

Module 1: Introduction and Installation
  • Definition and purpose of Private Cloud Appliance
  • Definitions of IaaS and PaaS
  • Private Cloud Appliance definition and conceptual architecture
  • Installation and related options and decisions
  • Accessing and using the Private Cloud Appliance CLI
  • Oracle's Cloud Service Model for IaaS
  • Enterprise Manager Cloud Control roles for IaaS
  • Infrastructure Cloud administration for configuration and self service
  • Infrastructure self service
  • Monitoring the Private Cloud Appliance
  • Oracle VM description
  • Oracle VM components
  • Oracle VM functional architecture
  • Private Cloud Appliance repositories and server pools
  • Policies and High Availability
  • Steps to import and deploy virtual machines from a virtual appliance
  • Steps to deploy virtual machine from a template
  • Virtual machine life cycle
  • Examine a virtual machine configuration
  • Accessing and managing virtual machines using the command line interface
  • Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle VM networking
  • VLAN interfaces and VLAN networks
  • Virtual NIC Tool
  • Oracle VM Storage and management
  • Repository structure
  • Creating and managing repositories
  • Cloning virtual disks
  • Types of virtual machines
  • Create a virtual machine from an ISO
  • Simple and advanced cloning of virtual machines
  • Prepare virtual machine for first-boot configuration
  • Edit virtual machines
  • Clone multiple virtual machines from a single template
  • Configure isolated VLANs and demonstrate isolation using ping
  • Live migration
  • Enterprise Manager virtual machine management
  • Hardware configuration UI
  • Using the Command Line Interface to manage the rack
  • CLI task management
  • Update procedure
  • Managing management nodes
  • Managing compute nodes
  • Ethernet management network
  • Fabric interconnect internal configuration
  • Server fabric
  • Viewing network cards and network ports
  • Creating and managing Private Cloud Appliance custom networks
  • Storage network
  • ZFS Storage Appliance
  • Configuring external storage
  • Maintaining passwords
  • Maintaining the appliance wallet
  • Private Cloud Appliance storage components
  • Appliance internal backup
  • Virtual machine cloning for backup
  • Repository Export
  • Enterprise Manager and Maximum Availability Architecture
  • Transitions: Failover, switchover, business migration
  • Virtual machine failover
  • Network configuration requirements for virtual machine failover
  • Storage configuration requirements for virtual machine failover
  • Creating and managing tenant groups
  • Hard, soft, and trusted partitioning
  • Memory and CPU allocation, and VM layout
  • Network configuration planning
  • Storage capacity planning
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Course Prerequisites
  • Experience in administering Oracle VM Server for x86.
  • Experience in configuring networks & storage in the data center and in a virtualized environment.
  • Experience in creating, deploying & managing virtual machines.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Plan & manage appliance resources.
  • Plan & implement disaster recovery strategies.
  • Isolate tenants with different Quality of Service requirements.
  • Clone a template to a virtual machine.
  • Configure a virtual machine to use the first-boot dialog.
  • Launch & complete an Oracle VM repository export.
  • Start, pause, resume and stop a virtual machine.
  • Connect to the Oracle VM Manager Command Line Interface (CLI).
  • Examine virtual machine configuration with the Oracle VM CLI.
  • Create custom appliance & Oracle VM VLAN networks.
  • Assign repository storage to a virtual machine.
  • Create & clone virtual machines.
  • Clone a virtual appliance to a virtual machine.
  • Create a server processor compatibility group.

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