Oracle HCM Cloud Time Labor training imparts the key concepts of Time and Labor. This course trainers shows on how to work on Time and Labor together in various components, Throughout the course of setting up and time reporting tasks via interactive instruction, discussions, demonstrations, and complete training on the course. Course Objectives: Generate scheduler profiles. Making classifications of timings for producing repeating periods. Making time attributes, for finalists associated with a time event or time entry. Come up with time card fields, which are a collection of properties that enables different user groups to report time against different time attribute values. Start a collection of different time entry layouts for entering, reviewing, and approving time. Associating layout sets with time card fields. Make groupings of time traits as categories and using them to group time entries for summarizing, validating, and transferring time and for processing time rules. Generate time consumer sets that specify approval periods, validation rules, and time transfer rules for each time consumer. For making group definitions. Setting up profiles that associate time entry configurations with workers.

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Classroom Training*
Duration : 4 Days
Fee :  London: £5,500, Dubai : $4,100 , India : $2,100

03-06 (Delhi)
03-06 (Goa)
03-06 (london)
09-12 (Dubai)
09-12 (Goa)
10-13 (Chennai)
10-13 (Goa)
10-13 (London)
17-20 (Bangalore)
17-20 (Goa)
02-05 (Delhi)
02-05 (Goa)
02-05 (london)
08-11 (Dubai)
08-11 (Goa)
09-12 (Chennai)
09-12 (Goa)
09-12 (London)
16-19 (Bangalore)
16-19 (Goa)
06-09 (Delhi)
06-09 (Goa)
13-16 (Chennai)
13-16 (Goa)
13-16 (London)
20-23 (Bangalore)
20-23 (Goa)

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This course will benefit to ensure a smooth, rapid implementation and to develop a well understanding of the configuration options. Security for Oracle Fusion HCM Setup and Maintenance For better uses job and data roles, role inheritance and security privileges to secure application functionality and data access. It's valuable for both Oracle Cloud Users and on-premises deployments.