Oracle HCM Cloud: Profile, Goal, and Performance Management

Oracle HCM Cloud: Profile, Goal, and Performance Management Certification Training Course Overview

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Profile, Goal and Performance Management course imparts the information about the key concepts determining successful Oracle HCM Cloud Talent Management implementation. Using slides, demonstrations, case studies and hands-on activities, expert Oracle University instructors will explain implementing Talent Management products. Course Objectives: Configure talent profile settings. Organize content types, content items, profile types and rating models. Achieve common objects used managing talent. Make, manage and assign goals and goal plans for workers and organizations. Produce questionnaires and the questions to populate them. Configure templates to create performance documents; evaluate workers using them.

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Course Modules

Module 1: Course Overview
  • Lesson and Course Objectives
  • Course Schedule
  • Outline of Course Hands-On Activities
  • Oracle Fusion Resources
Module 2: Introduction to the Oracle Fusion Applications Interface
  • Interface Overview
  • Introducing Oracle Fusion Talent Management
  • Introducing Talent Management Main Business Activities
  • Demonstrating Oracle Fusion Applications Help
Module 3: Security and Functional Setup Manager Overview
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Role Types
  • Security Reference Implementation
  • Talent Management Job Roles
  • Talent Management Duties and Privileges by Application
  • Functional Setup Manager Overview
  • Job Roles with Functional Setups Duty
  • Creating Implementation Projects and Assigning Implementation Tasks
Module 4: Define Talent Profile Settings
  • Introducing Profile Management
  • Profile Management Integrations and Setup
Module 5: Define Talent Profile Content
  • Setting Up Talent Profile Content
  • Content Library, Content Types and Content Items
Module 6: Define Rating Models and Talent Profiles
  • Rating Models
  • Profile Types and Components
  • Instance Qualifiers
  • Writing Assistant
Module 7: Manage Talent Profiles
  • Access to Talent Profiles
  • Using Team Talent and Talent Profile Cards
  • Using Compare Items and Best Fit
Module 8: Manage Common Talent Objects
  • Creating Review Periods
  • Managing Performance Document Types
  • Managing the Goal Library
  • Talent Management Notifications
  • Auditing Talent Management Business Objects
Module 9: Goal Management Concepts
  • Goal Management Concepts and Actions
  • Goal Management Setup
  • Lookups, Flexfields and Profile Options
Module 10: Managing Goal Plans
  • Creating Goal Plans
  • Managing Goal Plan Sets
Module 11: Using Goal Management
  • Administering and Mass Assigning Goals
  • Managing Worker and Organziation Goals
  • Approving Goals
Module 12: Define Questionnaires
  • Questionnaire Concepts
  • Managing Questions
  • Question Library
  • Question and Response Types
  • Questionnaire Templates
  • Creating Questionnaires
Module 13: Understanding and Defining Worker Performance
  • Performance Management Overview
  • Performance Profile Options and Descriptive Flexfields
  • Performance Roles and Matrix Management
  • Eligibility Profiles and Process Flow Definitions
Module 14: Configuring Sections, Document Types and Templates
  • Performance Templates and Performance Template Sections
Module 15: Using Performance Management
  • Performance Documents and Worker Evaluations
  • Administration and Monitoring Tasks for Worker Performance
Module 16: Appendix: Manage Oracle Social Network
  • Benefits and Integrations of Oracle Social Network
  • Configuring Oracle Social Network for Talent Objects
  • Using Oracle Social Network with Goals
  • Using Oracle Social Network with Performance Documents
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Course Prerequisites
  • Oracle HCM Cloud: Career and Succession Planning and Talent Oracle HCM Cloud: Career and Succession Planning and Talent Review

Course helps us to understand the configuration options for Profile, Goal and Performance Management for making improved decisions at the time of implementation. Efficiently perform critical functional and transactional Talent Management tasks for attraction, retention, and motivate a superior workforce.