This Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula training communicates you how HCM business processes depend on fast formulas for the calculation and evaluation of data. It makes you learn the essential syntax and structure for writing fast formulas through a combination of interactive lessons and hands-on exercises. Easier to review existing resources such as documentation, support articles, and reference guides, that can support you in creating and implementing fast formulas.

Audience: With the help of Fast Formulas Course which provides a simple way to write formulas with English words and elementary mathematical functions to achieve calculations or comparisons. This course will benefit you to discover how to use fast formulas to develop and implement a wide variety of business solutions.

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Classroom Training*
Duration : 2 Days
Fee :  London: £4,500, Dubai : $2,320 , India : $1,124

20-21 (Chennai)
20-21 (Goa)
03-04 (Delhi)
03-04 (Goa)
03-04 (london)
09-10 (Dubai)
09-10 (Goa)
10-11 (Bangalore)
10-11 (Goa)
10-11 (london)
02-03 (Delhi)
02-03 (Goa)
02-03 (london)
08-09 (Dubai)
08-09 (Goa)
09-10 (Bangalore)
09-10 (Goa)
09-10 (london)
16-17 (Chennai)
16-17 (Goa)
13-14 (Bangalore)
13-14 (Goa)

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Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Define the uses of fast formulas in payroll, benefits, compensation, absence management, and time and labor
  • Define the components, structure, and syntax of fast formulas
  • Custom conditional logic in fast formulas
  • Use the predefined fast formulas delivered with the application
  • Pen, compile, and troubleshoot your own fast formulas.