Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula Certification Training Course Overview

This Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula training communicates you how HCM business processes depend on fast formulas for the calculation and evaluation of data. It makes you learn the essential syntax and structure for writing fast formulas through a combination of interactive lessons and hands-on exercises. Easier to review existing resources such as documentation, support articles, and reference guides, that can support you in creating and implementing fast formulas.

Audience: With the help of Fast Formulas Course which provides a simple way to write formulas with English words and elementary mathematical functions to achieve calculations or comparisons. This course will benefit you to discover how to use fast formulas to develop and implement a wide variety of business solutions.

Oracle HCM Cloud: Fast Formula (16 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Course Overview
  • Course Objectives and Agenda
  • Course Materials
  • Additional Sources of Information
Module 2: Fast Formula Overview
  • Oracle HCM Cloud Overview
  • Examples of Formula Uses
  • Formula Editors
  • Security Overview and Example
Module 3: Basic Fast Formula Syntax
  • Formula Component
  • Database Items
  • Global Values
  • Variables
  • Statements and Functions
  • Formula Compiler
Module 4: Basic Fast Formula Structure
  • Understanding Statement Types
  • Writing Well Structured Formulas
  • Formula Structure Examples
Module 5: Advanced Fast Formula Syntax
  • Arrays
  • Calling a Formula from a Formula
  • Setting Formula Context Values
  • The Working Storage Area
Module 6: Advanced Fast Formula Syntax
  • Formula Writing and Performance Tips
  • Troubleshooting Tips
  • Common Compilation and Execution Errors
Module 7: Payroll Formulas
  • Commonly Used Payroll Formula Types
  • User-Defined Tables
  • Elements and Formulas
  • Payroll Process Configuration
  • Debugging Payroll Formulas
Module 8: Benefits Formulas
  • Commonly Used Benefit Formula Types
  • Formulas for Benefits
  • Formula Contexts
Module 9: Compensation Formulas
  • Commonly Used Compensation Formula Types
  • Compensation Default and Override Formulas
Module 10: Absence Management Formulas
  • Commonly Used Absence Management Formula Types
  • Formulas and Accrual Plans
  • Global Absence Plan Duration Formulas
Module 11: Time and Labor Formulas
  • Time and Labor Formula Types
  • Delivered Time Entry Rules
  • Delivered Time Calculation Rules
  • Time Repository Rules, Rule Sets, and Templates
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Define the uses of fast formulas in payroll, benefits, compensation, absence management, and time and labor
  • Define the components, structure, and syntax of fast formulas
  • Custom conditional logic in fast formulas
  • Use the predefined fast formulas delivered with the application
  • Pen, compile, and troubleshoot your own fast formulas.