Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features Ed 1/1Z0 - 068

Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview

The Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features training course gives a brief understanding of  new features of high availability introduced in the Oracle Database 12c Release 2. During this training you will be given the knowledge about Clusterware, ASM, ACFS, RAC, and Data Guard.

Who Should Do Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features training?

  • Administrator
  • Technical Administrator
  • Data Warehouse Administrator
  • Database Administrators
  • Support Engineer
This course prepares you for Exam 1Z0 - 068.

Oracle Database 12c R2: High Availability New Features Ed 1 (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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(8 Hours/Day)

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Course Modules

Module 1: Cluster Types and Installation Options
  • Stand-alone (Traditional Cluster)
  • Oracle Domain Services Cluster
  • Oracle Member Clusters
  • Oracle Extended Clusters (Stretch Cluster)
  • Installation Option
  • Shared Grid Naming Service (GNS) High Availability
  • Shared GIMR
  • Rapid Home Provisioning Enhancements
Module 2: Clusterware Manageability Enhancements
  • Enhanced (Reasoned) Command Evaluation (Why-If)
  • Clusterware Resource Groups
  • Server Weight-Based Node Eviction
  • Load-Aware Resource Placement
Module 3: Clusterware Monitoring and Miscellaneous Enhancements
  • Oracle Autonomous Health Framework
  • Cluster Resource Activity Log
  • Private Network IPv6 Support
Module 4: Oracle ASM Manageability New Features
  • Flex Disk Groups
  • File Groups
  • Quota Groups
  • Prioritized Rebalancing for Oracle ASM File Groups
  • Oracle ASM Mirror Splitting
  • Prioritized Rebalancing for File Groups
  • Oracle ASM Extended Support for 4K Sector Size
  • Oracle IOServer: DBs on Leaf Nodes
Module 5: ACFS Manageability New Features
  • Snapshot Enhancements
  • Oracle ACFS Automatic Resize
  • Oracle ACFS Metadata Acceleration
  • Oracle ACFS NAS Maximum Availability eXtensions
Module 6: ACFS Performance Enhancements
  • Oracle ACFS Defragger
  • Oracle ACFS Compression
  • Oracle ACFS Sparse Files
  • Oracle ACFS Metadata Acceleration
Module 7: Oracle RAC New Features
  • Separation of Duty for Administering Oracle RAC
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters Reader Nodes
  • SCAN Listener and HTTP Protocol
  • Service-Oriented Buffer Cache Access
  • In-Memory FastStart
  • QoS Support for Administrator-Managed Databases
Module 8: Data Guard Configuration Enhancements
  • Standby Database Creation Using DBCA
  • New Initialization Parameters
  • Detecting Lost Writes Using DBMS_DBCOMP.DBCOMP
  • Rolling Upgrade Support for Multitenant Databases
  • Upgrading Databases Using Oracle Label Security or Database Vault With Oracle Data Guard
  • Far Sync Instance Creation using RMAN DUPLICATE with FARSYNC Option
  • Automatic Propagation of Password File Changes
  • Support of In-Memory Column Store in Active Data Guard Environments
Module 9: Data Guard Broker Enhancements
  • Multiple Fast-Start Failover Target Selection
  • High Availability Observer Configuration
  • Configurable Property, DataGuardSyncLatency
  • Data Validation and Lost Write Detection using VALIDATE DATABASE DATAFILE
  • Validation of Database Files on both Primary and Standby using the VALIDATE DATABASE DATAFILE command
  • Using Broker Property ApplyInstances to Engage Multi-Instance Redo Apply
  • DGMGRL Command Script Support @name
  • Enhanced Broker Support for Application Continuity
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Course Prerequisites
  • Working knowledge of Oracle Database 12c Clusterware, ASM and RAC

Upon completion of this training you will know:

  • Performing essential administration tasks for new feature
  • Understand Oracle Database 12c R2 high availability new features contained in Clusterware Infrastructure
  • Oracle Database Exadata Cloud Service
  • Installation & Configuration  for new feature
  • Data Guard Enhancements