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Agile 9.3.x Software Development Kit (SDK) & Process Extensions (PX) training explains on in what way to inscribe small processes using the Agile SDK. Expert Oracle University trainers will dive into Processes Extensions that permit creators to raise modified connections from objects within the Agile system. Course Objectives: Log in, generate searches, create items and add attachments. Set up events that either trigger custom notifications or automation scripts similar to Process Extensions. Understand the purpose of Agile Software Development Kit (SDK). Demonstrate how to locate information using the Agile SDK Documentation. Write short processes using the Agile SDK to perform basic functions. Define Agile Process Extensions and how they are used. Understand the difference between PX and SDK. Create simple Process Extensions to perform several basic functions. Generate Events, Trainers, and Subscribers. Inscribe process automations using Groovy scripting.

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Oracle Agile 9.3.x SDK & Process Extensions Ed 1 Benefits

Learning on how to influence this Agile solution on a daily basis to advantage our business.

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