Object Oriented JavaScript

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    This course from Koenig Solutions provides participators with the skills and knowledge requires using Classes to create objects, which are self-contained pieces of code. Classes are very important for creating objects whereas there are no Classes in JavaScript. On the other hand, there are techniques through which we can simulate the Class concept in JavaScript. The main difference between JavaScript and the other languages is Data Hiding.


    This course is designed for developers who want to explore more in JavaScript to build reusable code and to employ its dynamic features.

    Course Objectives

    • Comprehend Polymorphism, Strings, Numbers, and  Arrays
    • Comprehend Conditions and Loops
    • Comprehend Code blocks
    • Comprehend Comments and Functions
    • Comprehend Predefined Functions
    • Comprehend Anonymous Functions
    • Comprehend Callback Functions
    • Comprehend Namespaces
    • Comprehend Design Patterns
    • Comprehend Singleton
    • Comprehend Factory
    • Comprehend Observer


    Course Details / Exam(s)

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    Object Oriented JavaScript 3
    Total 3
    • JavaScript.
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