MS Office 2019 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook)


This course pack incorporates the accompanying courses:

  1. Microsoft Word 2019
  2. Excel 2019
  3. PowerPoint 2019
  4. Outlook 2019

You may take these courses in any request you like. In the event that you buy the CEU Certificate alternative, you'll get a different CEU Certificate for each course you effectively complete.

Microsoft Word 2019:

Word 2019 is the most recent adaptation of the most mainstream word preparing application available created by Microsoft Corporation. You can't get away from the quantity of organizations and people that utilization Microsoft Word regularly. Despite your own statement handling program inclination, will undoubtedly work together or speak with somebody who utilizes MS Word only. Therefore, you have to realize what it can do and how to do it. This course will show you the numerous ways that you can coordinate Microsoft Word 2019 into your regular daily existence.

In this course, you will figure out how to...

  • Navigate the new MS Word interface
  • Create new archives and open existing reports
  • Use formats
  • Edit and organization content, passages, and entire records
  • Use Microsoft Word for work area distributing
  • Create pamphlets, flyers, and even business cards
  • Insert headers, footers, pictures, illustrations, and video
  • Use mail combine
  • Create a chapter by chapter list
  • Compare, combine and secure archives
  • Proof, print, work together, and track changes in Word records
  • Create much more amazing tables than any other time in recent memory utilizing new arranging apparatuses and considerably more!

We'll begin with a prologue profoundly highlights of MS Word, yet then rapidly proceed onward to the way Microsoft Word handles organizing and styles so you can modify the look and feel of any Word report. We at that point move to increasingly complex highlights, for example, making tables, work area distributing and mail consolidate.

We'll likewise survey how you can utilize MS Word to make and oversee long specialized reports that may require headers and footers. We likewise go over interesting MS Word strategies for sealing and altering. For instance, should you have to work with an outsider proofreader, we will give you approaches to include remarks and track changes as you pass records from individual to-individual.

At last, we spread increasingly complex points, for example, recording macros and working with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). Our course takes you from the fundamental prologue to the more intricate apparatuses of Word so you can ace the application whether for business or individual use.

Microsoft Excel 2019:

Microsoft Excel 2019 is the most recent cycle of the well known spreadsheet programming created by Microsoft. Exceed expectations permits clients to make rich, adapted spreadsheets utilized for putting away, arranging, arranging, computing, and diagramming information. With Excel, you can make outwardly engaging substance that speaks to your information. Before you begin utilizing Excel however, you should initially realize what all the highlights Excel offers are and how to utilize them, with the goal that your spreadsheets are fabricated accurately the first run through.

In this course, you will figure out how to...

  • Create spreadsheets
  • Format cells, lines, segments, and whole worksheets so they fit and match your information
  • Enter information into a spreadsheet
  • Use equations and capacities for math, bookkeeping, and totaling
  • Create equations and capacities
  • Calculate information
  • Create graphs and charts for your information
  • Create information records and structures
  • Create and use turn tables and rotate graphs
  • Work with Excel formats
  • Share and ensure your worksheets and exercise manuals
  • Use What-If Analysis to decide potential results
  • And substantially more!

The initial scarcely any exercises disclose how to utilize Excel center highlights, for example, arranging rules and methods. We at that point proceed onward to recipes. Equations are the establishment for generally essential and complex spreadsheets that store information. Equations permit you to naturally compute results dependent on any number of factors incorporating data put away in your lines, sections and cells. When we figure out how to utilize recipes, we'll proceed onward to situations, rotate tables and consider the possibility that outlines. These propelled apparatuses permit you to follow your reports and make projections for your business.

These days, your Excel spreadsheet ought to incorporate in any event one outline, so we have bit by bit instructional exercises on diagramming, illustrations, and utilizing pictures. All these additional parts help make spreadsheets all the more outwardly engaging. We additionally survey approaches to utilize normal capacities just as sort and channel information, so you can see huge informational collections in sequential, in order or numerical request.

The last exercise acquaints you with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA is a ground-breaking language used to make macros. We will tell you the best way to make straightforward recorded macros just as how to alter macros for increasingly complex applications.

PowerPoint 2019:

Microsoft PowerPoint is the accepted introduction programming for individuals who need to make slideshows. PowerPoint 2019 is utilized in a wide range of situations, including business introductions, deals introductions, scholastic talks, understudy extends, and in any event, for families archiving get-aways and uncommon occasions. On the off chance that you have a thought you need to introduce before a group of people, PowerPoint is your go-to arrangement. This course will show you how to utilize all the significant highlights of Microsoft PowerPoint with the goal that you can make dynamic and drawing in introductions.

With this course, you'll figure out how to...

  • Navigate the PowerPoint interface
  • Create new introductions without any preparation – or by utilizing delightful layouts
  • Add content, pictures, sounds, motion pictures, and graphs to your introductions
  • Format the articles that you add to your introductions
  • Design slides utilizing topics, hues, and embellishments
  • Animate questions on slides to breath life into them.
  • Add enhancements to slide advances to zest up your introductions
  • Work with Master Slides to make altering your introduction simple
  • Set up slide appears and practice timings for your slides
  • Collaborate simpler than before utilizing PowerPoint
  • And significantly more!

The initial segment of the course centers around working with slides and the manners in which that clients can make and redo formats. Items make up the substance found in a slideshow introduction, so we spread bit by bit how to include and alter content, pictures, shapes, outlines, diagrams and graphs. These articles are normal in PowerPoint introductions, so they will make up a dominant part of your slides.

We'll at that point tell you the best way to include these articles and alter them utilizing topics and hues. Graphs and tables show data to watchers, and we will tell you the best way to set up these items to precisely pass on numbers and information to possibilities clients.

We additionally investigate topics, so you can adapt your formats and articles. Topics contain predesigned shading plans, yet you can likewise make your own subjects that coordinate your inclinations. In extra, we'll find out about styles, changes and activitys. For instance, we'll spread the manners in which that you can energize your introductions to make them all the more speaking to your crowd.

At last, we will audit how to print and offer slides. Microsoft Office incorporates OneDrive for document sharing and cooperation. This course takes you from building appealing, convincing introductions to sharing and teaming up with different clients. You can then effectively manufacture slides custom fitted to your intended interest group.

Microsoft Outlook 2019:

Microsoft Outlook 2019 is the recent update for one of the most used desktop email clients. It is the flexibility of managing seamless communication both internally and externally that makes it the most popular of Microsoft tools. The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) in Outlook 2019 is one of the Microsoft Office Suite products that is used in enterprises across various industry sectors, and the demand for Microsoft Outlook 2019 certified professionals is very high. Participants who take part in this Microsoft Outlook 2019 training will gain a proper understanding of customizing Outlook’s user interface, message, insert graphic elements within and respond to emails and meeting requests on the platform. All in all a Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook Associate Certification credential demonstrates your proper application of the features of MS Outlook and one who can work independently with the tool.

In this course, you will figure out how to…

  • All the new features in Outlook 2019
  • Managing accounts and working with messages
  • Managing your inbox with different filters to create folders and archives
  • Working with multiple accounts
  • Understanding of best practices for tabs, ribbons, groups, and commands
  • Customize Outlook settings, mail settings, and perform search operations
  • Manage schedules by creating calendars and meetings
  • Manage messages by creating and inserting messages
  • Create and manage contact groups, messages, and tasks

The Microsoft Outlook 2019 certification training is a 1-day training that will be delivered by an expert Microsoft instructor. The training will be split into two stages. In the first stage of the Microsoft Outlook 2019 training participants will learn about introduction to Outlook 2019 by understanding all the new features. With this one will get a proper understanding of managing accounts, inbox, and working with multiple accounts.

In the second stage of the training the instructor will shed more light on some of the best practices for Microsoft Outlook 2019 by customizing settings, managing schedules, messages, and contact groups. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of Microsoft Outlook 2019, you will be fully prepared to sit for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Outlook 2019 certification exam.

There are no prerequisites to take up this Microsoft Outlook 2019 training. However, it would be beneficial if a participant has 1-2 years of experience in Windows OS environment, using both desktop and laptop for work related purposes,

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