MS-100: Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Quiz Questions and Answers

When preparing your Active Directory environment by synchronizing to Microsoft 365, which of the following errors does the IdFix Directory Synchronization Error Remediation tool resolve?

Answer :
  • Duplicate entry. The value has a duplicate within the scope of the query. All duplicate values will be displayed as errors.

You are planning a migration to Microsoft 365. You are following the Microsoft migration planning checklist for Microsoft 365. What should you do first?

Answer :
  • Inventory the current environment

If your company’s tenant is a Cloud Only environment, what options are available to you when enabling Multi-Factor Authentication? (Select 2)

Answer :
  • Phone call
  • Text message

What group type in Microsoft 365 is described as follows: It provides a shared workspace for email, conversations, files, and calendar events?

Answer :
  • Office 365 group

What user identity type does not require synchronization to Azure AD?

Answer :
  • Cloud identity

What user identity type is described as the user that exists in the local Active Directory and an identical user in Microsoft 365?

Answer :
  • Synchronized identity

Which of the following options can you use to create user accounts in Microsoft 365? (Select 3)

Answer :
  • Microsoft 365 admin center
  • Windows PowerShell
  • Directory synchronization

Your company has a Microsoft 365 Enterprise E3 subscription. The IT team wants to use Visio Online. You need to ensure that the IT team can use Visio Online while minimizing Microsoft 365 costs. What should you do?

Answer :
  • Use an add-on license for Visio Online

Your company has a Microsoft 365 subscription. You upload several archive PST files to Microsoft 365 by using the Security Compliance admin center. A month later, you attempt to run an import job for the PST files. You discover that the PST files were deleted from Microsoft 365. What is the most likely cause of the files being deleted? More than one answer choice may achieve the goal. Select the BEST answer.

Answer :
  • PST files are deleted automatically from Microsoft 365 after 30 days

Your company has a Microsoft Office 365 tenant. You suspect that several Office 365 features were recently updated. You need to view a list of the features that were recently updated in the tenant. Solution: You use monitoring and reports from the compliance admin center. Does this meet the goal?

Answer :
  • No