Mobile Development on Oracle Cloud


This Mobile Development on the Oracle Cloud training course helps you understand how to use the Mobile Cloud to develop backends, custom APIs, users, notifications, and other constructs. In Mobile Development on the Oracle Cloud You will learn how to leverage the power and simplicity of the Mobile Cloud Service (MCS).

Who Should do this course?

  • Application Developers
  • Application Server Administrators
  • Architect
  • Cloud Administrator
Schedule & Prices
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Classroom Training*
Duration : 3 Days
Fee : India : $1,600 , Dubai : $2,200

08-10 (Dubai)
12-14 (Dubai)

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On Completion of this course you will be able to:-

  • Create and test a mobile backend in MCS
  • Use the different APIs available with MCS to integrate your mobile applications with MCS backend services
  • Create users and roles and secure channels using MCS
  • Use MCS to handle offline synchronization
  • Create and test storage APIs
  • Send and receive notifications with MCS
  • Use SOAP and RESTFul connectors to connect to existing web services
  • Design and implement custom APIs using the MCS API designer
  • Use the Mobile Client SDKs to easily connect mobile applications to backend services
  • Use MCS Analytics to monitor and manage existing backend services
  • Test, debug and monitor MCS backend services using the integrated logging and diagnostic capabilities
  • Create locations, assets and beacons with location services
  • Integrate MCS with Process Cloud Services