Microsoft Windows Automation with Red Hat Ansible Quiz Questions and Answers

What is a playbook?

Answer :
  • A playbook is a YAML file containing one or more plays.

Inventory file can be in which format?

Answer :
  • INI format
  • YAML format

If a password is required in order to escalate privilege, and you'd like to be prompted to provide it, then which option is used?

Answer :
  • --ask-become-pass
  • -K

To perform tasks using the become method of privilege escalation which option will be used.

Answer :
  • --become
  • -b

Which ansible module is utilized for managing docker services and containers?

Answer :
  • docker_service

Command to get ansible documentation of a module.

Answer :
  • ansible-doc < module >

Which module is used for setting a job schedule tasks?

Answer :
  • cron

Can ansible perform synchronized operations by default?

Answer :
  • True

It is a public repository to store ansible roles.

Answer :
  • ansible galaxy

What are built-in programs that come with an ansible package?

Answer :
  • Core modules