Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service Quiz Questions and Answers

Which Dynamics 365 for Field Service security role would you assign to a person who is responsible for assigning work orders to resources?

Answer :
  • Field Service - Dispatcher

At which point in the Primary Field Service Flow is a Work Order assigned to a resource?

Answer :
  • Work Order - Scheduling

After the work order is created, which Work Order System Status will be assigned to it?

Answer :
  • Open - Unscheduled

Which of the following fields can be automatically populated on a work order when a primary incident type is defined for it?

Answer :
  • Work Order Type
  • Duration

Which of the following items are not defined when you are defining incident types?

Answer :
  • Service Account

You have a customer who is looking to return a product that they purchased. Which of the following options are ways of returning the product in Dynamics 365 Field Service? (Select all that apply)

Answer :
  • Return to warehouse
  • Return to vendor
  • Reallocate Product

You want to create a scope that will be used to optimize existing scheduled items based on the type of work order it is associated with. Which entity is used to provide this data?

Answer :
  • Resource Requirement

When some types of work orders are being scheduled with the schedule assistant, they need to be suggested in one-hour blocks and start either at the top or bottom of the hour. How can you accomplish this?

Answer :
  • Define a Fulfillment Preference that uses Intervals

Which of the following items can be defined as taxable when you are creating a Tax Code? (Select all that apply)

Answer :
  • Products
  • Services
  • Service Agreements

Your organization has a requirement that all new work orders should not display on the schedule board to be scheduled until all the parts defined on the work order have arrived. They want to be able to note when the work order is waiting for parts as well as when the parts have arrived directly on the work order record itself. What should you define during configuration to ensure users can easily select and note these work orders?

Answer :
  • Work Order Sub-Status