You can opt for IT Training in any of the following languages:

Arabic Basque Catalan Cantonese Chinese Chinese Simplified Chinese Traditional Croatian
Czech Danish Dutch English Finish French Euro French Canadian
Galician German German Austrian German Swiss Greek Hebrew Hindi
Hungarian Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Malay Norwegian
Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish
Tamil Thai Turkish Valencian Vietnamese Welsh Yue Chinese


  • In the IT industry, one of the biggest challenges was for professionals to find training in their mother-tongue.
    As per a study reported in Economist, people learn best when they are taught in their primary language.
  • As per Wikipedia, the top 10 languages in the world are : English (1.1 billion) Mandarin (1.1 billion) , Hindi(534.2 million), Arabic (273.9 million), Spanish(512.9 million), Portuguese(236.5 million), French(284.9 million), Russian(265 million), Bengali(261.8 million) and Indonesian(198.4 million).
  • The technology is 98% accurate and gets better with subsequent usage, due its machine learning capabilities. It learns each users dialect and accent to optimise their experience each time. Technical terms are added to the software dictionary regularly.
  • Study material can also be translated and provided to the individual to further strengthen their understanding of the concepts.
  • Apart from voice to voice translation, this technology also allows users to translate from voice to text.