Red Hat JBoss Training & Certification Courses

Red Hat JBoss Training & Certification Courses

Red Hat JBoss Middleware is a family of cloud-friendly, lightweight, enterprise-grade products that assist companies innovate faster, in an intelligent way. Koenig Solutions offers a number of Redhat Jboss Certification courses such as Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development, JBoss Enterprise Application Development, JBoss Hibernate Technology, JBoss Application Administration I, and JBoss Application Administration II. JBoss training videos are also available for better understanding. Jboss Vidor trainings can also help achieving the Red Hat Jboss Certifications. You can opt for both JBoss Application Administration I and JBoss Application Administration II courses at Koenig.

Certifications/ Courses Available Dates
download Red Hat JBoss Application Administration I
Duration : 5 days
Fees : India: $ 1,720
May 27-31 (Bangalore)

Jun 3-7 (Chennai) , 3-7 (Delhi) , 24-28 (Bangalore)

Jul 1-5 (Chennai) , 1-5 (Delhi) , 22-26 (Bangalore) , 29-2 (Chennai) , 29-2 (Delhi)
download Red Hat JBoss Application Administration II
Duration : 4 days
Fees : India: $ 2,860
May 20-23 (Delhi) , 27-30 (Bangalore)

Jun 3-6 (Chennai) , 17-20 (Delhi) , 24-27 (Bangalore)

Jul 1-4 (Chennai) , 15-18 (Delhi) , 22-25 (Bangalore) , 29-1 (Chennai)
download Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization Development (JB450)
Duration : 3 days
Fees : India: $ 1,330
May 27-29 (Bangalore)

Jun 3-5 (Chennai) , 3-5 (Delhi) , 24-26 (Bangalore)

Jul 1-3 (Chennai) , 1-3 (Delhi) , 22-24 (Bangalore) , 29-31 (Chennai) , 29-31 (Delhi)

Student Feedback

Student Name Country Month Feedback
Patrick Charles Hozza Tanzania Apr-2019 Good Experience, much more improvement on LABS., Mayank has exceptionally assisted me in understanding further into the course. He has unique training style and has given me more knowledge on the subject. Whenever, I had doubt he had to revisit the previous chapters that I had been taught before. My sincere gratitude goes to both him and Abhishek.

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