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Java is an extremely popular class-based computer programming language that requires very little to no recompilation and can run on any platform that supports Java. It is an extremely portable and architecture-neutral programming language. Java applications are run on a wide variety of devices, from large super computers to small mobile devices.

By enrolling with Koenig, you will get an exhaustive Java training in Bangalore delivered by industry expert Java professionals. Our courses are designed to help learners master the Java programming concepts in detail. We have one of the best Java training institute in Bangalore that offers practical experience on live projects and will teach you real-world challenges that will be of use in your future job.

A Java certification in Bangalore from Koenig will give you an edge over your peers in the industry and make it easier for future employers to validate your skills as an expert Java Developer. The Career Enabler™ program from Koenig will help you move from a beginner to an expert in the shortest possible time. Koenig’s Java course in Bangalore will boost your career as Java Developers continue to remain in huge demand.

Who should do this Course?

  • This course is ideal for someone looking to become an expert in Java programming and development
  • Java developer is most suited for application developers, especially the ones working on Android platform

Course Objectives

The objectives of this Java certification training will cover the following important aspects:

  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Getting Started with Spring 3.x
  • OCA Java SE 7 Programmer I
  • OCP Java SE 7 Programmer II
  • Java Persistence with Hibernate
  • Struts 2 MVC
  • Building RIA with JSF & PrimeFaces

Not only this, our Career Enabler™ - Java Developer Certification Course provides intensive practical exposure with Simulated Internship that allows participants to master the skills of Java language in no time. So take up this comprehensive expert led Java course and enhance your potential by earning a valuable Java certification.

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Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for Career Enabler™ - Java Developer

Course Content Exam# Exam Name Regular Track (days)
Object Oriented Thought Process - - 2
Java SE7 Fundamentals 1Z0-803 Oracle Certified Associate, Java SE 7 Programmer 5
Java SE 7 Programming 1Z0-804 Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 7 Programmer 5
Java EE 6: Develop Web Components with Servlets & JSPs 1Z0-899 Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Component Developer 5
Java EE 6: Develop Web Applications with JSF - - 4
Java EE 6: Develop Business Components with JMS & EJBs 1Z0-895 Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Enterprise JavaBeans Developer 4
Java EE 6: Develop Database Applications with JPA 1Z0-898 Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Java Persistence API Developer 4
Java EE 6: Develop Web Services with JAX-WS & JAX-RS 1Z0-897 Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6 Web Services Developer 5
Simulated Internship™ - - 3
Total 37

Career Enabler™ - Java Developer Course Prerequisites

  • Have worked on any programming language.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML and any web scripting language.
  • Basic understanding of database concepts and SQL syntax
  • Prior knowledge of C or C++ can be quite helpful
  • Knowing Object Oriented Programming System or OOPS concepts will help

Benefits of Java Developer certification course are as follows:

There are several benefits of doing a Java Developer certification course. Some of these include:

  • Java language has a rich API and it comes with a lot of in-built tools that makes it easier for anyone to learn the language in a short duration
  • Android applications constitute the biggest mobile app ecosystem in the world. Did you know that the most Android apps are developed in Java using the Android SDK
  • Java IDE can help developers easily detect and correct errors
  • Your job prospects will improve after the Java Developer certification

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Schedule & Prices

Delivery Mode Location Course Duration Fees  Schedule
Instructor-Led Online Training (1-on-1) Client's Home/Office5 Days $ 1,450 As per mutual convenience (4-Hours Evenings & Weekends Possible
Classroom Training * Dubai 5 Days $ 2,910 11-16 Feb 2018, 11-16 Mar 2018, 8-13 Apr 2018
11 Days $ 4,940 15-27 Feb 2018, 15-27 Mar 2018
Delhi, Bangalore, Dehradun (Rishikesh), Goa, Shimla 5 Days $ 1,720 19-24 Feb 2018, 19-24 Mar 2018, 20-24 Mar 2018, 16-21 Apr 2018
11 Days $ 2,840 5-17 Feb 2018, 12-23 Feb 2018, 5-17 Mar 2018, 2-14 Apr 2018
Fly-Me-a-Trainer Client's Location5 Days On Request As per mutual convenience


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What is Java?

Java is a general-purpose computer programming language and is designed to run with very few dependencies. Application developers using Java can write once, run anywhere, providing zero cost run-times on popular platforms.

What is the average salary of a Java Developer?

The average salary of a Java developer is $83,975 as per a report in India Today.

What releases of Java technology are currently available?

The Java Platform Standard Edition or Java SE and Oracle Java SE Advanced and Suite products are currently available.

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