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Most large-scale enterprises have adopted IT Management as a regular and standard practice for their operations. This means they have included their IT operations as a part of their overall business operations. Earlier, the IT department at an organization used to work independently of the rest of the management operations in the company. Now, companies have realized that by combining the two and integrating IT operations to match the overall business operations, they can optimize all their existing processes and increase their revenue.
IT management certification training courses are catered towards teaching professionals who work at a management position or aspire to work in the field to successfully implement IT and business solutions and integrate them to optimize their overall output. The IT Service Management certifications are designed to cater to a wide audience, starting from freshers to Project Managers to IT Directors. Check out some of the popular IT Management certification courses to enrol today.

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IT Management Certification Training

IT Management includes management of IT teams and integration of IT processes and tools with the rest of the organization. This streamlined method of operations results in a higher rate of efficiency. This leads to the maximization of output with the minimization of resources to achieve this. Certifications in IT management train individuals and working professionals with the skills they need to master the skill of IT management and integration. They can successfully operate their teams and collaborate with the rest of the organization for all projects and processes. 
There are many certifications included in IT Management. The IT Management courses are designed at multiple areas of expertise and are available at multiple levels of knowledge as well. Freshers, as well as experienced management professionals, can benefit from these certifications. Some of the most popular and widely recognized certification training courses in IT management include the following:
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) Exam Prep Course
  • Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Certification Training
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training
  • COBIT5 Foundation Certification Training
  • PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Exam Prep Course

Popular IT Management Certification Training Courses


Project Management Professional (PMP) Training Course

The PMP Exam Prep training course is for project managers who want to validate their expertise and increase their value in the job market. It is an advanced-level certification so professionals need to have a minimum of three years of working experience at handling and managing projects to be eligible for this certification training course. 
The PMP certification trains project managers to become adept at managing teams and leading projects. They also have the expertise to train other project managers. Certified PMP professionals work with the Board of Directors as well to come up with new strategies and processes to optimize the organization’s operations. A PMP certification is considered to be the leading certification in the field. The certification proves the certified professional’s experience in leadership, and that is why certified PMP professionals receive a 25% higher annual salary as compared to the non-certified counterparts.

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) Certification Training Course

Enterprise IT governance has grown in importance for organizations over the last decade with the rise of digital transformation. IT governance involves ensuring that the IT department’s infrastructure and goals are aligned with the overall business goals of the organization. The CGEIT certification training course is concerned with teaching learners the most effective strategies and methods to ensure all IT processes help meet and exceed the business objectives of an organization.
Strategic management and leadership skills are two of the most important things that CGEIT professionals learn in the certification training course. Professionals need to have prior work experience of at least five years in the field of enterprise IT management to be eligible for the certification exam because it is not a foundation-level course.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training Course

Six Sigma is one of the most effective ways of eliminating wasteful processes and optimizing operations at organizations. The Six Sigma principles are followed by organizations across industries, and a certification in the same will help them improve the company’s performance levels, productivity, and overall management practices. 
Lean Six Sigma certification training courses create leaders who can manage teams successfully. The Green Belt of Six Sigma trains working professionals to implement data-driven models for solving problems, motivate and encourage team members to be more productive, and more. They also learn how to implement strategies that drive growth in terms of data collection and its analysis. It is a career-enhancing option that improves the chances of team members of becoming successful leaders at their organization.

COBIT5 Foundation Certification Training Course

The COBIT 5 Foundation certification training course is a beginner-level certification program for IT governance and management. The certification trains professionals and aspiring IT managers in ways in which they can integrate IT operations with their business goals and achieve optimal productivity within the organization. The COBIT 5 certification course trains professionals in risk management strategies as well. COBIT 5 certified professionals will be able to manage risks, optimize processes, and create dynamic IT management solutions that will benefit the company they are working at.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) Certification Training Course

The PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) certification training course is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the most reputable institute in project management and IT management in the world. The certification is focused on training working professionals in the Agile methodology and how to implement it in a management setting. 
Participants who take part in the PMI-ACP certification training course get deep insight on the different practices of Agile and how to implement them in their organization. Organizational Agile implementation can really help companies optimize their projects and delivery. Agile methodologies are widely used by organizations across industries and around the world, making this certification a highly recognized and reputable one.

Who Can Opt for IT Management Certification Courses?

The IT management certification courses are catered to the following job roles:
  • Project Managers
  • IT Managers
  • Aspiring Project Managers
  • IT Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Scrum Team Members
  • CIOs
  • CTOs
  • CEOs
  • IT Directors
  • Project Team Members
  • IT Administrators
  • IT Operations Managers
  • PMO Staff
  • Anybody who wants to understand IT Management concepts, frameworks, and best practices
  • Professionals who are looking to clear relevant IT Management certification exams

Reasons to choose IT Management Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Choose relevant IT Management certification course according to your job role and learning path across various vendors and categories
  • Expert IT practitioners / instructors with real-world experience to help professionals gain to an in-depth understanding of managing IT services for an organization across multiple locations
  • Receive IT Management course materials along with case studies, templates, toolkits, and practice test questions
  • Get IT Management certification training from an Accredited Training Partner who can deliver these courses worldwide
  • Learners have the option to take up their IT Management courses in both 4 hours/ day and 8 hours/ day options on weekdays and weekends 
  • Customize your IT Management certification courses according to individual learning and team requirements
  • Get the option to take up your IT Management courses across various learning modes which include classroom, live online, 1-on-1, and on-site training

Benefits of IT Management Certification Courses

There are many benefits to completing a IT Management certification training course. Some of them include the following:
  • Certified professionals stay updated with the latest trends in IT management and reporting.
  • Certified professionals also have the skills to help their organizations stay ahead of their competitors in this constantly changing and evolving market.
  • The certification acts as proof of one’s expertise, and it becomes easier for working professionals to find better job opportunities.
  • IT management has extensive scope in terms of certification, so learners have the option to choose their field of choice and excel in it.
  • IT management has surpassed the IT industry and now includes many more industries. This means people who are looking to change their career and broaden their horizons now have the chance to do so
  • Create a successful IT Management career path with widely-acknowledged certification credentials such as PMP, Lean Six Sigma, COBIT, CSM, and others in a competitive job market
  • With relevant IT Management certification credentials, get additional job responsibilities and be part of complex and challenging projects within your organization

How to become an IT Management Certified Professional

  • Below are the steps to become an IT Management certified professional:
  • Choose a relevant IT Management certification course from a wide portfolio on offer from Koenig Solutions
  • Select a suitable IT Management training schedule and the training delivery mode that you are comfortable with
  • Receive IT Management course materials which include syllabus, courseware, case studies, templates, toolkits, and practice tests
  • Be part of an interactive instructor-led IT Management certification training 
  • Take up practice tests on Qubits to familiarize yourself with the certification exam formats
  • Create a successful IT career path with industry-acknowledged certification courses

Salary prospects for IT Management Certified Professionals

IT organizations today are undergoing complete digital transformation and are incorporating emerging technologies to stay relevant and competitive. In such a scenario, it is critical for professionals to upskill and learn newer processes, frameworks, and best practices to be part of the new norm in this digitized business landscape. Enterprises need ready-made employees with all the necessary skillset to streamline processes and deliver services and products of the highest quality. In this regard, professionals who are certified in widely-acknowledged credentials such as CSM, PMP, Lean Six Sigma, COBIT, SAFe, and others are in great demand and highly paid individuals. Let’s check out their salaries of these professionals worldwide.

United States

USD 85,000 to USD 153,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 30,000 to 50,000


Rupees 4 lakhs to 30 lakhs 


AUD 103,000 to 140,000 


AED 155,000 to 426,000


SGD 84,000 to 150,000


Job Prospects for IT Management Certified Professional

There is a great demand for IT professionals with next-gen skillsets across various frameworks, methodologies, and best practices. IT in an organization overarches project management, ITSM, Quality Management, Finance, and others. Hence, IT Management certification courses are of great help for enterprises to bring up their workforce to speed in understanding and to utilize the complete benefits of emerging technologies. Some of the top companies hiring IT Management certified professionals include Innovar Group, Amazon, Postman, Ciena, Yipit Data, Dataw Island, Teachable, Daimler, Mycase, Humana, and more.
Do check your local job listings to find relevant job opportunities for IT Management certified professionals in your region.


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There are a few prerequisites involved for project managers to be eligible for the PMP certification. They need to have a minimum qualification of a four-year undergraduate degree in the field and have 36 months of work experience leading projects. If the candidates only have a high school diploma with an associate’s degree, then they need to complete 60 months of work experience leading projects to be eligible for the PMP certification.

The candidates who want to obtain the CGEIT certification need to have a minimum of five years of work experience in the field of enterprise IT and governance to be eligible for the certification examination.

The COBIT 5 Foundation Certification training course is a foundation training course, which means there are no prerequisites required to be eligible for the program. Work experience in enterprise IT is recommended.

As part of your IT Management certification training, you will receive:
  • Training material either which will be a soft copy
  • Pre-reading materials, which include course agenda, practice tests, case studies, templates, and more
  • Course completion certificate
  • Relevant PDUs/CEUs/SEUs according to the course you’ve chosen

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