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Koenig Solutions offers courses on (ISC)2 under the customized IT training courses category. The (ISC)2 Global Information Security Workforce Study reflects the opinions of the dynamic information security workforce. It is the largest study of its kind and provides thorough insight into significant trends and opportunities within the information security profession. These courses include Certified Authorization Professional (CAP), Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and CISSP-ISSAP courses in the package. You can opt for any of these customized courses exclusively offered by Koenig Solutions.

Certifications/ Courses Available Dates
Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
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Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,720, Dubai: $ 2,660, India: $ 1,848

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Aug 19-23 (Chennai) , 25-29 (Dubai) , 26-30 (Delhi)

Sep 9-13 (Bangalore) , 16-20 (Chennai) , 16-20 (Delhi) , 22-26 (Dubai)

Oct 7-11 (Delhi) , 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai) , 27-31 (Dubai)

Nov 4-8 (Delhi) , 11-15 (Bangalore) , 18-22 (Chennai)
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)
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Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,040, Dubai: $ 2,640, India: $ 1,827

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Aug 19-23 (Chennai) , 19-23 (Delhi)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore) , 16-20 (Chennai)

Oct 7-11 (Delhi) , 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai)

Nov 4-8 (Delhi) , 11-15 (Bangalore) , 18-22 (Chennai)
Systems Security Certified Practitioner (SSCP )
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Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,740, Dubai: $ 3,070, India: $ 1,858.50

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Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore)

Oct 7-11 (Delhi) , 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai)

Nov 4-8 (Delhi) , 11-15 (Bangalore) , 18-22 (Chennai)

Dec 9-13 (Bangalore) , 16-20 (Chennai)
Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)
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Duration : 6 days
Fees : Online: $ 3,500, Dubai: $ 3,700, India: $ 2,814

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Sep 2-7 (Delhi) , 9-14 (Bangalore)

Oct 7-12 (Delhi) , 14-19 (Bangalore) , 21-26 (Chennai)

Nov 4-9 (Delhi) , 11-16 (Bangalore) , 18-23 (Chennai)

Dec 9-14 (Bangalore) , 16-21 (Chennai)
Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP)
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Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,760, Dubai: $ 3,100, India: $ 1,995

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Aug 25-29 (Dubai)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore) , 22-26 (Dubai)

Oct 7-11 (Delhi) , 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai) , 27-31 (Dubai)

Nov 4-8 (Delhi) , 11-15 (Bangalore) , 18-22 (Chennai)

Dec 9-13 (Bangalore) , 16-20 (Chennai)

Verbatim Student Feedback

Q1 Say something about the Trainer? Q2 How is Koenig different from other training Companies? Q3 Will you come back to Koenig for training?

Student Name Country Month Feedback Rating
Amit Chauhan United States Aug-2019 A2 Nice ambience and managed, need to work on bit of food taste.
Rahul Mani India Jul-2019 A2 Koenig has a very expertise set of trainers for specific trainings & this will always help keep the training quality high.
Sam India Jul-2019 A1 She is Knowledgable and able to correlate with real use case scenarious
Chaithra Mallikarjun India Jul-2019 A2 Infrastructure is good.
Ashwin Kumar India Jul-2019 A2 Better instructors
Nwosu Ethelbert Uzodinma Nigeria Jul-2019 A3 I will come back for Ethical hacker and am recommending to three of my co-workers
Khawla Masood Ali Masood Aldhaheri United Arab Emirates Jul-2019 A1 His teaching style is very good
Balqis Al Azri Oman Jul-2019 A1 Clear and good but little fast
Nitin Bhargava India Jul-2019 A1 Rashtra was very knowledgeable about the course. The learning experience for me was very good. The trainer also took some practical sessions which were very insightful and helped me learn a lot.
Christopher Ganizani Banda Malawi Jun-2019 A1 excellent and knows staff relating to course
Uche Nwankwo Nigeria Jun-2019 A2 Its my first time at Koenig and wouldn't be able to say much.
Roopesh Harsha Uttarkar United Arab Emirates Jun-2019 A1 Well planned training course covering all aspects of CISSP along with Exams Clearing Guidance which is was very Unique
Emmanuel Mrakpor Nigeria Jun-2019 A1 Excellent at knowledge transfer and very supportive.
Andy Hoareau Seychelles Jun-2019 A2 Very professional and delivers. Plus prices are competitive...
Christopher Monty Seychelles Jun-2019 A1 Very nice and calm person. Answers every questions professionally. Looking forward for future training with him.
David Confait Seychelles Jun-2019 A1 The trainer was very knowledgeable in the field and is able to pass on the knowledge very well.
Dominique Gnauck Seychelles Jun-2019 A1 He was very friendly and could easily pass on the material to the attendees. He was clear and understandable.
Ron Estico Seychelles Jun-2019 A1 Good trainer.. He passes his knowledge clearly and ensures you understand what he is saying.
Idris Jamil Afif Seychelles Jun-2019 A2 They provide tailor made trainings and offer competitive prices
Farathullakhan Gulam Muhammad India May-2019 A1 the training was interesting, all the chapters been explained well. he has cleared my doubts well during the training.
Ceasar Mungai Kamau Kenya May-2019 A2 The facilities and the one on one instructors is an amazing concept. Other companies do not tailor their courses to allow one on one training.
Ceasar Mungai Kamau Kenya May-2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdJyQYvZ4iU
Yacouba Sow Burkina Faso May-2019 A3 All was very well organized according to training planing and during training.
Woubishet Ayenachew Ethiopia Apr-2019 A3 The facility, training materials and the trainer are all perfect.
Domingos Muanza Alberto South Africa Apr-2019 A1 Trainer was very motivating and clear on the content approach
Andrew Pemba Malawi Apr-2019 A1 He is competent, knows the staff, well experienced
Kester Enuechusue Okolo Ghana Apr-2019 A1 He is calm and gives details to the student on the content he is delivering. He is lively and encourages the student to be studios to get the best the course has to offer.
Siddalingeswara Swamy Apr-2019 https://youtu.be/9O5YQUMU2Qo
Luke Paul Dsilva United Arab Emirates Apr-2019 A3 the best part i like about Koening is, they are have many of courses & very flexible in the training. they provide good infrastructure & required materials.
Tresor Bonteke Mozambique Mar-2019 A1 The trainer is knowledgeable and excellent in conveying is knowledge
Haitham Ali Abdelrahman Salih Sudan Mar-2019 A1 He has very good experience in explanation and excellent style, A3 if we talk about top quality training we say KOENIG
Innocent Kumanwe Nigeria Mar-2019 A3 Nice environment
Angelo Alfredo Angola Mar-2019 Always, met my expectations.
Festus Mobolaji Idowu Nigeria Mar-2019 Professional training provider
Lloyd Bathurst United States Mar-2019 I have been twice previously and enjoyed the visits and the learning experience.
Jawahar Manickam Rwanda Feb-2019 A1 Nityanand has indepth knowledge in the domain., Professionalism in Training
Lloyd Bathurst United States Feb-2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMIkmRuRI5U
Ferdinand Sol Netherlands Feb-2019 Combination of good trainers and helpful people.
Abdulla Al Haddad United Arab Emirates Feb-2019 A1 Nik made the course both interesting, informative and fun. He is the strogest trainer I ever met. He gives knowledge with power. Once he talk you will never want the lesson stop. I really love this course because of him. He is the best example of the luxury quality.
Sebastiao Nsiakulunga Angola Jan-2019 Well known and capable institution with good reputation on delivering effective training.
Terrell Butler United States Jan-2019 A1 I absolute fortunate that i meet a great CISSP and security trainer, The trainer knows every technology and i am shocked, how much a person can be aware about this much of technology. I love the training. i am only happy with the trainer, but not with sales person.
Sanjay Lal India Jan-2019 A1 Professional, very knowledgeable and helpful.
Pratyush India Jan-2019 A1 Knowledge, delivery and team connect, - good at all aspects. Thankful to Koenig, for facilitating the session with him., I have been an alumni and looking for future enrollments.
Ilanchezhian India Jan-2019 A1 Great knowledge source
Haris Ahmed Saudi Arabia Jan-2019 A1 Overall great interaction with instructor. Truly inspired by his knowledge and command over the subject.
Muhammed Rudman Nigeria Jan-2019 A1 Rajeev is quite knowledgeable in the cybersecurity field and has done his best to answer all my questions.
Sumit Chouhan India Jan-2019 Subject matter experts is the uniqueness your guys bring to table.
Toheeb Mohammed Nigeria Jan-2019 A1 Rajeev is wonderful. He understood the whole course and have committed it to his brain
Swarup Panigrahi India Dec-2018 Good trainers, best in class training offered.
Amro Al-ghamdi Saudi Arabia Dec-2018 It is perfect place and really nice experience to take the course with Koenig
Abraham Kebede Gizaw Dec-2018 A1 The instructor helps a lot to understand major areas
Akinyemi Oluwaseyi Oke Nigeria Nov-2018 A1 Great Facilitator . I enjoy myself with the short time I had with this facilitator
Ahmed Salam Maldives Nov-2018 Variety of IT programs, Quality Instructors and flexibility of trainings and Training venue and arranegments
Prasanth Singapore Oct-2018 A1 Instructor having extensive knowledge in the security domain and have good presentation skills
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