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Koenig Solutions offers ISACA certification training. After completing these courses, students will be able to provide professional development for those in the audit, assurance and Security fields, and ensure that organizations have employees who are armed with the right information and insights to make better informed IT and business decisions. The training modules are mapped to ISACA certification exam and the suite includes CGEIT certification training, CRISC certification training course and CISA certification course. You can attain CISA, CISM, CRISC or CGEIT certifications after opting for any of these courses at Koenig.

Certifications/ Courses Available Dates
Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)
Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,980, Dubai: $ 2,850, India: $ 2,047.50
Jul 1-5 (Chennai) , 1-5 (Delhi) , 8-12 (Bangalore) , 15-19 (Delhi) , 21-25 (Dubai) , 22-26 (Bangalore) , 29-2 (Chennai)

Aug 5-9 (Delhi) , 5-9 (Shimla) , 12-16 (Bangalore) , 25-29 (Dubai)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore) , 22-26 (Dubai)

Oct 27-31 (Dubai)
Certified Information Systems Auditor
Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,980, Dubai: $ 2,850, India: $ 2,047.50
Jul 1-5 (Chennai) , 15-19 (Delhi) , 21-25 (Dubai) , 22-26 (Bangalore) , 29-2 (Chennai)

Aug 5-9 (Delhi) , 25-29 (Dubai)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore) , 22-26 (Dubai)

Oct 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai) , 27-31 (Dubai)

Nov 18-22 (Chennai)
Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC)
Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,280, Dubai: $ 2,850, India: $ 2,047.50
Jul 1-5 (Chennai) , 15-19 (Delhi) , 21-25 (Dubai) , 22-26 (Bangalore) , 29-2 (Chennai)

Aug 5-9 (Delhi)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore)

Oct 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai)

Nov 18-22 (Chennai)
Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT)
Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,980, Dubai: $ 2,600, India: $ 1,785
Jul 1-5 (Chennai) , 15-19 (Delhi) , 21-25 (Dubai) , 22-26 (Bangalore) , 29-2 (Chennai)

Aug 5-9 (Delhi) , 25-29 (Dubai)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore) , 22-26 (Dubai)

Oct 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai) , 27-31 (Dubai)

Nov 18-22 (Chennai)
Cobit 2019 Foundation
Duration : 3 days
Fees : Online: $ 1,730, Dubai: $ 2,060, India: $ 1,470
Jul 1-3 (Chennai) , 15-17 (Delhi) , 21-23 (Dubai) , 22-24 (Bangalore) , 29-31 (Chennai)

Aug 13-15 (Bangalore) , 13-15 (Chennai) , 13-15 (Delhi) , 25-27 (Dubai)

Sep 3-5 (Bangalore) , 3-5 (Chennai) , 3-5 (Delhi) , 11-13 (Bangalore) , 11-13 (Chennai) , 11-13 (Delhi) , 12-14 (Bangalore) , 12-14 (Chennai) , 12-14 (Delhi) , 22-24 (Dubai)

Oct 27-29 (Dubai)

Student Feedback

Student Name Country Month Feedback
Manu Mitragotri India Jun-2019 Instructors are well experienced with the course content and attention given to students so that they are satisfied overall as well as ready to take up the actual certification
Ayodeji Ibukunoluwa Adetola Nigeria Jun-2019 Koenig is fantastic ! from the pickup to daily class routine to meals, to the teaching. Just fantastic.
Charles Adotse Ghana May-2019 Third time with Koenig so am OK
Seyani Forbes Basikolo Malawi Apr-2019 I enjoyed the training and stay
Ved Prakash India Apr-2019 good understanding of the concepts
Kester Enuechusue Okolo Ghana Apr-2019 He is calm and gives details to the student on the content he is delivering. He is lively and encourages the student to be studios to get the best the course has to offer.
Bolarin Tolujo Nigeria Apr-2019 Environment is very conducive for learning. I like the one to one teaching style and personal trainer attention received. Course content is concise, no information overload. Good time management. Logistics arrangements are also very efficient.
Muhammad Esa Athar Afghanistan Apr-2019 Gained alot of knowledge and will visit again, was skilled and experienced instructor
Tendai Rose Chandigere Botswana Apr-2019 She took me through each chapter thoroughly and gave adequate real world examples and answered all queries very well.
Swathi Chandana Palukuru India Mar-2019 Very professional training institute with good prospects to get better and true commitment to training.
Mercy Ndete Musyoka Kenya Mar-2019 Very well versed with the course and is keen to ensure that every students understands every topic.
Bhardwaj Rambhujun Mauritius Mar-2019 Trainer is excellent
Eugenio Costa Angola Mar-2019 Have a good Training portfolio
Sangeetha Menon India Feb-2019 You can arrange the session if there is only one participant at a place convenient to the student - travel in Bengaluru can be hectic :)
Cleofas Dala Angola Feb-2019 I Think koenig is one of the best training center in the world...and work with Koenig since 2009 and make me grow in term of IT, today I working as communication and Networking Supervisor in ALNG, so part of My carreer development came from Koenig, The course was according to My expectation, probably to increasy the know how and skill to be ready for exam Koenig need to give access in the questionaires and answers from ISACA site
Sunil Kumar Devendranath India Jan-2019 Very friendly & energetic instructor , the presentations he showed was precise . Wish Keonig comes with simplified course material instead of complete 350Pages ISACA book to enable candidates to easily refer for clearing the exam along with some offline question dumps.
Sander Kamper United Arab Emirates Jan-2019 however presentation slides should be improved. Presentation slides contain only text and are quite boring now
Akash India Dec-2018 The Trainer is very confident in subject and understands the best approach of conducting session required for the type of participants. Good Job!
Bello Hayatudeen Nigeria Dec-2018 Kuldeep is a great guy, knows the domain quite well. I have learnt not only CISM from Him but essential skill that you dont find it the course.
Salim Nasseer Al Harrasi Oman Nov-2018 The course should include scenarios to work on them after each area.
Praveen Kumar Mani India Oct-2018 The instructor is very knowledgable and able to explain things easier.


What does the CISM exam cover?

The CISM exam will cover five information security management areas, each of which is further defined and detailed through task and knowledge statements.

How is CISM different from the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)?

Although there are many differences between the CISSP common body of knowledge and the CISM job practice areas, the most obvious differences is in the experience requirements. Only CISM requires information security management experience, in addition to general information security experience. CISSP has no such management requirement. Earning the CISSP and/or the CISA credential is complementary to the attainment of the CISM credential and is encouraged.

Who should consider the CISM Certificate?

The CISM Certificate is designed for professionals who manage, design, and assess Information Security programs. It is common for CISAs and CISSPs to pursue the CISM Certificate to complement their credentials.

What does the CISA exam cover?

The CISA exam covers 5 IS audit, control or security areas, each of which is further defined and detailed through task and knowledge statements.

How long is the exam?

A candidate is given 4 hours to complete a 150-question multiple-choice exam.

Why Should I Care About CISA Certification?

The CISA certification is a clear indication of IT audit proficiency which is valued by companies of all sizes around the globe. As companies and government agencies continue to struggle with regulatory compliance requirements and cybersecurity risks, information system risk and control skills remain in high demand. Nearly every posting for jobs in the IT risk and assurance field (i.e. titles such as IT Auditor, IT Consultant, IT Risk Manager, IT Audit Manager, and Security Professional) list a CISA certification as a mandatory requirement. These same jobs tend to be well compensated, highly visible within the company, and great foundations for career advancement. When you receive your CISA certification, you increase the value you provide to your organization. As you can see, a CISA certification can open doors in your career and give you the edge over your competition.

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