IP6FD - IPv6 Fundamentals, Design, and Deployment v3.0 Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the default value of weight for the local route?

Answer :
  • 32768

Next-header is equal which is filed ipv6 in comparison with ipv4?

Answer :
  • protocol

In ff00::/16 what is the well-known scope? ( Select all that apply)

Answer :
  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • e

Which field is new in ipv6 header?

Answer :
  • flow-label

Hop-limit is equal in which filed ipv6 in comparison with ipv4?

Answer :
  • ttl

How to identify a unique-local range of ipv6?

Answer :
  • fc00::/7

What is preferred for the aspath-list?

Answer :
  • lower-list

Which network topology allows all traffic to flow through a central hub?

Answer :
  • star

What layer of the OSI Model is included in TCP/IP Model’s INTERNET layer?

Answer :
  • network

Where does routing occur within the DoD TCP/IP reference model?

Answer :
  • internet