Implementing Cisco Collaboration Applications (CLICA) Quiz Questions and Answers

what is the maximum number of sub-clusters in an IM and Presence service cluster?

Answer :
  • 3

How many servers are supported in a Cisco Unity Connection Cluster?

Answer :
  • 2

What is the default operator extension in Cisco Unity Connection ?

Answer :
  • 0

Why shoukd the CSS on the Voicemail ports or SIP trunk be restricted ?

Answer :
  • This restriction can help prevent toll fraud

which platforms CUC SRSV can run on?

Answer :
  • Cisco SRE
  • Cisco UCS

which CUC tool can be used to confirm the phone-system integration settings?

Answer :
  • check telephony configuration set

Which entity is a standard component used for authentication by SAML 2.0?

Answer :
  •  identity provider

Which two command line arguments can you specify when installing Cisco Jabber for windows? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  •  TFTP

Which action allows a remote Cisco Jabber user utilizing Mobile and Remote Access to automatically log in to a Cisco Unity Connection voicemail box via OAuth?

Answer :
  • Add CUCM under System Settings > Authz Servers in Cisco Unity Connection.

Which two methods does Cisco Jabber use for contact searching in an on-premises deployment model? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  •  UDS
  • LDAP