Implementing Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure - Advanced (DCACIA) Quiz Questions and Answers

What does a bridge domain represent?

Answer :
  • Layer 2 forwarding construct

Which setting prevents the learning of Endpoint IP addresses whose subnet does not match the bridge domain subnet?

Answer :
  • “Limit IP learning to subnet” setting within the bridge domain.

What must be configured to redistribute externally learned OSPF routes within the ACI fabric?

Answer :
  • BGP Route Reflector

Which description regarding the initial APIC cluster discovery process is true?

Answer :
  • The APIC uses an internal IP address from a pool to communicate with the nodes.

How is an EPG extended outside of the ACI fabric?

Answer :
  • Statically assign a VLAN ID to a leaf port in an EPG

Where is the COOP database located?

Answer :
  • spine

Which two dynamic routing protocols are supported when using Cisco ACI to connect to an external Layer 3 network? (Choose two.)

Answer :
  • iBGP
  • eBGP

In the context of ACI Multi-Site, when is the information of an endpoint (MAC/IP) that belongs to site 1 advertised to site 2 using the EVPN control plane?

Answer :
  • Endpoint information is not exchanged across sites unless COOP protocol is used.

What does the VXLAN source port add to the overlay packet forwarding when it uses the hash of Layer 2, Layer 3, and Layer 4 headers of the inner packet?

Answer :
  • ECMP

Which of the following devices do not directly connect to a spine switch?

Answer :
  • another spine switch
  • a router
  • an APIC controller