Implementing and Configuring Cisco Trustsec 2.0 training course

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Trustsec 2.0 Certification Training Course Overview

The Implementing and Configuring Cisco Trustsec 2.0 training course gives a detailed overview of topics about TrustSec & covers the new features introduced in Cisco ASA. During this training, you will know the difference between Cisco TrustSec and the traditional methods for securing network access and understand how it can benefit the organization in total.

Implementing and Configuring Cisco Trustsec 2.0 training course (Duration : 40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Understanding and Positioning Cisco TrustSec
  • TrustSec Problem Space
  • TrustSec Versus Legacy Network Access
  • TrustSec Domains
  • TrustSec Functions
Module 2: Understanding TrustSec Functions – Classification
  • Classification Fundamentals
  • Dynamic Classification
  • Static Classification Types and Methods
  • Static Classification Implementation
Module 3: Understanding TrustSec Functions – Propagation
  • Inline Propagation
  • SXP Propagation
  • Propagation Using SGT Caching
Module 4: Understanding TrustSec Functions - Enforcement
  • Enforcement Characteristics and Security Group Tags
  • Enforcement with Security Group ACLs
  • IOS Switch Configuration for Enforcement
  • Enforcement on Firewalls
  • Enforcement Verification
Module 5: Implementing TrustSec on Cisco ISE
  • Creating TrustSec Domains using Switches and Routers
  • Security Group Tags
  • Building a policy matrix using SGACLS and Egress Policies
Module 6: Implementing TrustSec on Cisco Wired and Wireless Devices
  • Design Considerations for TrustSec on Cisco Wired/Wireless Devices
  • Wired Classification
  • Wired Propagation and Enforcement
  • Extending TrustSec
  • Wireless Networks
  • Verifying Deployment
Module 7: Implementing Cisco TrustSec on Cisco Firewalls ASA and Firepower Services
  • Design Considerations
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance
  • Cisco Zone-Based Firewall
  • Configuring In-Line SGT using Firepower services
Module 8: Cisco ISE Integrated Solutions with Cisco Firepower Solutions
  • Introducing Cisco ISE 2.x pxGrid
  • Configuring PxGrid with ISE and Firepower to propagate SGT ‘s and Context Data
  • Create Access Control Policy on Firepower to filter traffic using SGT’s.
Module 9: Implementing TrustSec with Cisco VPN Solutions
  • IKEv2 and IPsec VPNs
  • AnyConnect VPNs
Module 10: TrustSec Deployment Considerations
  • Platform Guidelines
  • SXP Design Guidelines
  • Incorporating Non-TrustSec Devices
  • User-to-Data Center Use Case
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Knowledge of ASA and ISE

On completion of this training, you will know:

  • Understanding and Positioning Cisco TrustSec
  • Cisco TrustSec Functions: Classification, Propagation, and Enforcement
  • Implementing TrustSec using In-Line Tagging, Cisco ISE, Wired and Wireless Devices, Cisco Firewalls & Cisco VPN Solutions
  • TrustSec Deployment Considerations