Frequently Asked Questions


  • #1. Why should I choose Koenig over other training providers?

    A. Koenig provides a combination of quality, convenience, flexibility and cost which is unique.


    1. Koenig has some of the best trainers in the business. Koenig was rated as the Best Company to Work 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 in Education and Training Industry. This makes Koenig a Great Place to Study. Our trainers excel not just in depth and width of knowledge, but also in the all important qualities of patience and ability to explain difficult concepts in simple terms. Verify by contacting former students and reading about their experiences in Featured Students section. For qualities that you can expect in a Koenig teacher, click here.

    2. Koenig is an authorized training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Red Hat, SAP, Novell, EC Council, Adobe, Apple, SCRUMstudy, Check Point, PRINCE2®, PMI, Salesforce, Cloudera, Zend, EMC, Citrix, Android, IIBA, SAS, Linux Professional Institute and CompTIA. Koenig is also authorized testing centre for Prometric, VUE and Novell.


    1. We provide an end-to-end solution - airport pickup, hotel, meals, transport, Hospitality Desk support so that you can focus on studies. View video

    2. All training programs start every month and are conveniently scheduled. You can also start from Any Date™ if you opt for 1-on-1™ training.

    3. All our scheduled training batches are Guaranteed to Run.

    4. Since Koenig offers a very wide range of courses, by choosing Koenig you get connected to a training provider which can also cater to your future training needs.


    1. We offer Customised training for special requirements.

    2. The deposit is refundable in case you are not able to attend for any reason. You can actually cancel a class 7 days prior to arrival with no penalty. $150 will be deducted as administration charges.


    1. The total cost of attending our training program is less than 50% of the cost in Europe and USA.

    You become more creative

    1. Read latest research (reported by The Economist) which shows that living abroad makes you more creative.

  • #2. Where are your training centers?

    • Delhi Centre

      Koenig Solutions Ltd.

      Koenig Campus

      B-39, Plot No 70,

      KLJ Complex- I,

      Shivaji Marg, Moti Nagar

      New Delhi - 110015 (India)

    • Shimla (Himalayas) Centre

      Koenig Solutions Ltd.

      7, Prospect Lodge,

      Behind YMCA, Lower Jakhu,


      Himachal Pradesh (India)

    • Goa Centre

      Koenig Solutions Ltd.

      3rd Floor, B/T1,

      Campal Trade Centre, Opp. Kala Akademy,

      Panjim, Goa - 403001 (India)

    • Dehradun Centre

      Koenig Solutions Ltd.

      Plot # 22, IT Park,

      Sahastrahdhara Road,

      Dehradun, Uttarakhand - 248001 (India)

    • Dubai Centre

      Koenig Solutions Ltd.

      Block 3, Office G10

      Dubai Knowledge Village

      Dubai, UAE

    • Bengaluru Centre (Bangalore)

      Koenig Solutions Ltd.

      2nd & 3rd Floor

      No. 39, 8th Main

      Koramangala 4th Block

      Bengaluru – 560034, (India)

    Telephone (24 hours): +91 88823 77077

    Call us TOLL FREE from UK: 0800 088 5477

    Call us TOLL FREE from US: 1-877-226-2244

    Whatsapp: +91 70425 93729

  • #3. What is the schedule of training?

    Class timings are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm in Delhi, Dehradun and Goa and from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm in Shimla (Himalayas). Classes are conducted from Monday to Saturday. You have Sundays to relax, self study, and prepare for exams.

  • #4. I am interested in your MCSE Super Fast course but can only be released from work for two weeks. What do you suggest?

    We can offer you a Customized MCSE training of 2 weeks.

  • #5. Do I have to go through the course material before I come to class?

    It is recommended but not mandatory. If you register well in advance, we can courier the courseware to you (at an extra cost). For some courses, electronic version is also available.

  • #6. I received an email from "". Is this Koenig's official email id ?

    Yes, this is our official email address which we use if a recipient is not able to receive emails from our email address or if we do not receive confirmation that she has read our emails.

  • #7. Is 1-on-1™ training the same as mentoring?

    They are different. Mentoring, by definition, is support and guidance provided for self-learning. 1-on-1™ training is actually instructor-led training where the instructor is present all the time (unlike mentoring) and it is classroom training (and not self learning). Koenig is the pioneer in 1-on-1™ training and "1-on-1™" is a Koenig Trade Mark.

  • #8. I am not able to understand the line 'duration 9 days, total training days 7'. Do I have to spend 16 days in total?

    Please note that the total duration includes a day of arrival and Sundays as well. Thus, if the total duration is 9 days, 7 days will be for training and exam, 1 day for arrival and a Sunday.

  • #9. Are Koenig courses approved for Educational leave as "Bildungsurlaub" by states of Germany?"

    Yes we assist in getting the course approved as Educational leave as per norms and requirements of German Law. Koenig is already registered with Berlin and we can assist for registration with other states too. Students have successfully availed it in the past.

Prices & Payments

  • #1. Do you accept Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers?

    Yes, we accept Microsoft Software Assurance vouchers.

  • #2. Do you accept Cisco Learning Credits?

    Yes, we accept Cisco Learning Credits.

  • #3. I have got exam discount vouchers, can I get rebate on the fee?

    We cannot accept exam discount vouchers or give rebate against their use. We use our own discount vouchers to book exams.

  • #4. I am an IT contractor in Europe and am entitled to claim tax rebate for training expenses. Can the cost of the air ticket be included in the invoice?

    Yes, it can be included.

  • #5. Are there any additional charges during Christmas and New Year ?

    Yes, the accommodation is more expensive during Christmas and New Year in Goa. 15th Dec to 5th Jan is considered festive season in Goa. The prices for this duration (including accommodation) are more than those published price on our website.

  • #7. Is the registration deposit of $1000 part of the total fee?

    Yes, it is part of the total fee and you have to pay only the difference towards the balance payment.

Travel and Visa

  • #1. I am interested in a course which starts on Oct. 6th and ends on Oct. 24th. Which dates should I book my flights for?

    If your training location is in Delhi or Goa, your Hotel will be reserved for you from Oct. 5th afternoon till Oct. 25th morning. You should plan to arrive on Oct. 5th and fly back on 25th (checkout from the hotel in the morning before 12). You are most welcome to arrive earlier or leave late. Extra nights will be charged according to the accommodation chosen by you.

    If your training location is in Shimla, Hotel will be reserved for you from Oct. 5th (afternoon) till Oct. 25th (morning) in Shimla and for 4th Oct (night) and 25th Oct (night) in Delhi. You should plan to arrive on Oct. 4th and fly back on Oct. 25th night or 26th morning. We will arrange your stay in Delhi on 4th Oct and your travel to Shimla on 5th Oct. We will arrange your travel back on 25th Oct. and overnight stay in Delhi for 25th. You can fly on 26th (checkout from the hotel in the morning before 12). You are most welcome to arrive earlier or leave late. Extra nights will be charged according to the accommodation chosen by you.

    If your training location is in Dehradun, Hotel will be reserved for you from Oct. 5th (afternoon) till Oct. 25th (morning) in Dehradun and for 4th Oct (night) and 25th Oct (night) in Delhi. You should plan to arrive on Oct. 4th and fly back on Oct. 25th night or 26th morning. We will arrange your stay in Delhi on 4th Oct and your travel to Dehradun on 5th Oct. We will arrange your travel back on 25th Oct. and overnight stay in Delhi for 25th. You can fly on 26th (checkout from the hotel in the morning before 12). You are most welcome to arrive earlier or leave late. Extra nights will be charged according to the accommodation chosen by you.

  • #2. Most of the flights to Delhi reach late at night. Is this a problem for pick-up?

    It is not a problem. We provide 24 x 7 pick-ups from the airport.

  • #3. Can I do the RCHE Exam in GOA? I`m a bit worried that I am already making too many flights: London >Goa > then Goa - Delhi - Goa then Goa > London

    RHCE exam is not available in Goa. RHCE exam is only available in the larger cities (e.g. Delhi).

    You have an option to fly back to London from Delhi (rather than going back to Goa and then flying to London. You will get a rebate of US$ 100 if you do not require the Delhi-Goa flight to be booked by Koenig. Your routing will be London-Goa, Delhi-London. Goa-Delhi flight will be booked by Koenig.

  • #4. I want to arrive a day early and leave a day after the course has ended. Obviously this is not catered for in your pricing. Do I need to arrange the extra days in the hotel and travel from the airport?

    You are most welcome to arrive early and extend your stay after the completion of the Training Program. Extra nights will be charged according to the accommodation chosen by you. Airport pick-up and drop will still be arranged by Koenig at no extra cost.

  • #5. If I need to extend my stay in India? Can the Indian visa be extended?

    There is a provision to extend the visa except the tourist visa for a maximum of one month while in India but the discretion is of the Indian Government.

  • #6. Can I attend the training on tourist visa?

    Yes, you can attend training on tourist visa. In fact, majority of our students are on tourist visa.

Food and Beverages

  • #1. Is Halal food available in India?


  • #2. Is Kosher food available in India?

    Yes, it is available but only in Delhi in the Chabad House. They have to inform two days in advance. It is free of cost.

About Certifications

  • #1. Is the qualification valid outside India and, if so, does it have the same recognition/status as if I had taken it in Europe/USA?

    Yes, the qualifications / certifications are valid throughout the world and carry the same recognition as a certification acquired in Europe / USA.

  • #2. Do I get a certificate of participation?


  • #3. I'm a little concerned that when I do a search on the Cisco webpage for "Learning Partners", Koenig isn't coming up?

    To confirm that Koenig is a Cisco Learning Partner Associate, visit the following link:

    Select "India" from the drop down list of Country. Click on "Search Learning Partner" tab. Click on View Sponsored Organizations under "Partner" column.

    On this page you will find Koenig Solutions.

Course Specific Queries

  • #1. Should I do Oracle OCP 9i or 10g?

    The short answer is Oracle 10g.

    The number of installations of Oracle 9i are more than Oracle 10g or 11g and correspondingly there are more jobs for Oracle 9i. However, the demand supply skills gap is widest for Oracle 10g. Installations of 11g are a fraction of 10g and therefore jobs of 10g are several times more than 11g. If you have time, take 9i, 10g and 11g which is the best combination.

  • #2. Do you offer Oracle Forms Developer for 10g?

    Forms 10g is version 9.0.4 which is the same as Oracle Forms 9i. In fact, OCA / OCP Developer exams are same for 9i and 10g.

  • #3. Do you use the latest R2 in your Oracle 11g training programs?

    Yes, we use the latest Oracle 11g Release 2.

  • #4. In my city duration of CCNA course is several months. How can you make me CCNA in 9 days?

    There are several options for learning CCNA. If classes are conducted only for few hours per week, the training can extend over several months.

    We offer compressed training programs where the participants study for the full day and also spend time in the evening to revise the subjects of the day. The training programs known as "boot camps" are intense and "total immersion". Since, the participants remain away from work / family and are focused on learning for the duration of the "boot camp" they learn a lot more than they would in a part-time school. In fact, we arrange other services (including cab pick-and-drop from the hotel) to enable the student to spend maximum time on studies.

    Boot camps are popular all over the world, especially in USA and Europe.

  • #5. RHCE (2 takes). In the event I did pass the exam on the first attempt, is there any refund?

    There is no refund of second exam fees if you pass the exam in the first attempt. The costing of RHCE (2 takes) takes into account that a certain percentage of students will pass in the first attempt and fewer number of students will require the 2nd take.

  • #6. If I do not take RHCE (2 takes), can I still resit the RHCE exam if I fail in first attempt? What is the benefit of RHCE (2 takes)?

    Yes, you can retake the exam at an additional cost of US $ 250 even if you do not take RHCE (2 takes). Price of RHCE (2 takes) includes not just the cost of the retake but also retraining after analyzing the reason for failure in the first attempt. It also includes the accommodation and meals for the extra stay.

  • #7. Do you offer training on Solaris 8?

    Yes, we offer training on Solaris 8. Though the associated Sun exams have expired, you can attend the training.

  • #8. How exactly is the SCEA boot camp program structured? Will it include mock exams provided by you for all three exams (Multiple-Choice, Assignment and Essay)? Will I get to do the actual 3 exams during the 19 days period?

    There will be mock exams for multiple choice and our trainer will train you for completing the Assignments and Essay.

    The assignments and essay are received a few days after you pass Exam# CX-310-052. During this waiting period our trainer will guide you how to complete the Assignment and Essay. In case the Assignment and Essay are not received within 19 days, they will remain in contact with you even after you have traveled back till the time you achieve your SCEA certification.

  • #9. Does the price cover all three SCEA exams?

    Yes, it covers fees for all three exams.

  • #10. Is exam 70-536 a requirement for MCPD 4.0?

    Exam 70-536 is not a requirement for MCPD 4.0.

  • #11. Can I build my own website if I opt Dreamweaver course with 1-on-1™ training?

    Yes you can, though you are advised to stay a few days extra to complete the website.

  • #12. I am from Iran. Can I take Cisco exams at your testing centre ?

    Yes, you can.

  • #13. I am not able to locate a course on your website which was there earlier. Has it been removed?

    Please click here to visit the page of Archived Courses. Some courses are archived if the exams have retired and the technology is obsolete.

    If you still can't find the course you are looking for, please write to us to at


  • #1. I am worried about the communication skills of the trainers. Do they speak good English?

    All trainers at Koenig speak very good English. 90% of our customers are from outside India and our trainers speak in a neutral accent.

  • #2. Can I use Koenig as a reference, when applying for jobs back home?

    Yes, you can use Koenig as a reference when applying for a job. Your centre manager will be happy to confirm your professional conduct to future employers.

  • #3. Apart from Sundays, which other days are holidays in India? When is the compensatory class held?

    Following is the list of holidays :


    New Year - 01 Jan
    Republic Day - 26 Jan
    Holi - 24 Mar
    Independence Day - 15 Aug
    Gandhi Jayanti - 02 Oct
    Dushera - 11 Oct
    Diwali - 30 Oct

    New Year - 01 Jan
    Republic Day - 26 Jan
    Good Friday - 25 Mar
    Independence Day - 15 Aug
    Ganesh Chaturthi - 05 Sep
    Diwali - 29 Oct
    Christmas - 25 Dec

    New Year - 01 Jan
    Republic Day - 26 Jan
    Independence Day - 15 Aug
    Gandhi Jayanti - 02 Oct
    Dussehra - 11 Oct
    Diwali - 30 Oct
    Karnataka Rajyotsav - 01 Nov

    New Year - 01 Jan
    Israa & Miaraj Night - 5 May
    Eid Al Fitr - 7 Jul
    Arafat Day - 10 Sep
    Eid Al Adha - 11 Sep
    UAE National Day - 02 Dec
    Prophet Mohammed Birthday - 12 Dec
    Classes scheduled to be held on a holiday are held either on the prior Sunday or the next.
  • #4. Can I actually cancel my training before arrival without penalty?

    Yes, if you are not able to join the course for any reason and inform us 7 days prior, there is no penalty and the deposit will be refunded to you.

  • #5. Can I use my mobile phone in India?

    Yes. If you have a GSM mobile phone, we advise that you carry it with you to India. We can assist in getting a SIM Card issued for your stay in India (please carry 2 passport sized photographs). Call charges are $ 0.05 per minute for calls within India and $ 0.40 per minute for international calls (including USA and UK). We can also provide you a GSM mobile phone for your entire stay in India. Rent for this is US $20.

  • #6. What other benefits can I avail by visiting Koenig?

    Medical services in India are at par with the world and are a fraction of costs in Europe and USA. A number of our students have scheduled cosmetic, dental and ocular procedures during their stay in India. We can provide advice about this, on request.

  • #7. Is it possible to bring my partner with me?

    Yes, you can bring your partner with you. However, there will be an additional cost in terms of Hotel accommodation and meals.

  • #8. Is there a place where I can perform namaz?

    The Center Manager in all locations will provide you a suitable room for namaz.

  • #9. Can you give me an idea of costs in India for sundry items and services?

    India is a relatively inexpensive place for living. Here are some typical costs:
    Can of Coke : $ 0.45
    Can of Beer : $ 1.00
    Cab for a day (8 hours) : $ 20
    Dinner at a specialty restaurant : $ 35
    Hair-cut : $ 5.00
    Laundry (Budget Hotel) : $ 0.60 for a shirt/trouser
    Pack of 10 cigarettes : $ 0.80

  • #10. Can I join a gym while in India?

    Dehradun has a gym within the training facilities. There are good gyms near the Hotels and training centre in Delhi, Goa and Shimla. Cost of joining a gym is around US $ 30 for a month.

  • #11. We want to train 4 people and would like them in a class to themselves. Is it possible?

    Yes, if you send 4 participants, we can offer an exclusive training for them which can be started from Any Date™ suitable for you.

  • #12. What if I get interested in other courses, can I extend my stay to do the other courses?

    Yes, you can extend the your stay for other courses. In fact, many of our students do that. It is advisable to request for the Indian Visa with validity upto a few days/week after end date of the proposed training so that you can upgrade to more courses during your stay in India.

  • #13. Do you offer online training?

    Yes, we offer live online training.

  • #14. I have read about the Social Responsibility Program of Koenig. How can I contribute to your CSR projects?

    We do not accept monetary contribution to our Social Responsibility Programs By attending a course at Koenig you are contributing in making Koenig's CSR projects.

  • #15. Is it possible that my organization can pay for training fee without meals and stay so that I can pay the difference on arrival?

    Yes, it is possible. Your company can pay only the training fee and you can pay for meals and stay yourself on arrival.