Employment Exchange for Digital Skills

The dynamics of technology require new skills almost every few months. Unemployed and under-employed populace do not have transparent visibility of the skills required by the industry. Correspondingly industry does not have a platform to communicate the skills required by them.

The Employment Exchange for Digital Skills tries to solve this conundrum. It enables companies to post their requirement for skills. These are immediately advertized to people looking for jobs / upgrading their skills. Candidates have an option to directly contact the possible employers to judge their suitability contingent on their acquiring the skills. This aligns the skills upgrade with the industry needs in real time.

Presently Koenig’s Employment Exchange for Digital skills has 200 advertized jobs and this is growing at by 20% month-on-month. Approximately 100 candidates are getting jobs per month visa this platform.

The platform is scalable and geo-agnostic and will debut in Phillipines in mid-2019.

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