VNX Block Storage Deployment and Management

  • Overview

    This Specialist-level course is targeted for storage/cloud infrastructure administrators requiring in depth knowledge and practical lab work with EMC VNX Block Storage systems. This intensive training covers all the key elements of SAN/IP-SAN (block access). It discusses integrating VNX block access for open systems hosts (Linux, Windows and VMware ESXi) through FC, iSCSI and, FCoE connectivity options. Initial storage system configuration, domain management, security and availability using Unisphere are also covered. The course will also cover implementation of local replication solutions supported by hands-on activities. Hands-on activities include to configure Unisphere and the VNX system; provision storage, via iSCSI, to Windows and Linux hosts; implement advanced storage concepts (metaLUNs, LUN migration, FAST); configure SnapView snapshots and clones; configure Unisphere Event Monitor and Unisphere Analyzer.


    Course Objectives


    • Implement Unisphere security
    • Configure a VNX storage system
    • Manage host access to storage with Access Logix
    • Describe common host integration tasks and concepts
    • Integrate a Windows host with a VNX Block Storage system
    • Integrate a Linux host with a VNX Block Storage system
    • Describe the process to integrate ESXi with a VNX Block Storage system
    • Implement advanced storage features
    • Configure Even Monitor and Alerts
    • Configure Unisphere Analyzer
    • Describe VNX SnapView principles
    • Deploy and manage VNX SnapView snapshots
    • Deploy and manage VNX SnapView clones

    To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student should
    have knowledge and skills associated with the following:

    • VNX system architecture
    • Familiarity with Unisphere and Navisphere Secure CLI
    • EMC PowerPath operations
    • SAN configurations, including basic utilization of the software tools used to manage the major Fibre Channel, FCoE and Ethernet switch environments
    • Basic Microsoft Windows administration skills
      • Basic UNIX administration skills
    • Basic understanding of VMware ESX Server/ESXi operation and management
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