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This course builds knowledge and skills required to successfully architect, design, implement, monitor, and maintain information storage security solutions to meet the needs of a business. It details a comprehensive, holistic, process-based approach that integrates business and technical factors to consider in the design of information storage security solutions to enhance their acceptability and business value. 
The course encompasses business strategy and its key criteria and perspectives, regulatory compliance, technical criteria, best practices, organizational structure, processes, people skills, and security posture. Included is a discussion of information security challenges and solutions in virtualized and cloud environments. Workshop style case studies at each design stage provide participants with an opportunity to apply their learning to real world situations.
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Course Content / Exam(s)

Schedule for Information Storage Security Design

Course Name
Information Storage Security Design

Course Prerequisites

  • EMC Information Storage Associate (EMCISA) Certification
  • Combination of knowledge and experience in computer networking and security that is equivalent to CompTIA's Network+ and Security+ Certification curricula

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Information Storage Security Design Benefits

Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following:-

  • Identify various regulations, legislation and standards that affect a customer’s information infrastructure and the customer’s security issues
  • Explain the role of an enterprise security policy and the critical components of that policy.
  • Describe the importance of a security development lifecycle on the creation of secure products and the effect on operational security
  • Explain how Security Configuration guides can be used to understand an organization’s security problems
  • Articulate the critical design decisions that support a secure storage environment
  • List various implementation strategies for securely integrating storage products into a storage ecosystem.
  • Explain the role of information storage security within virtualized environments
  • Articulate how to maximize information storage security in Cloud computing
  • Describe the role of secure logging in security auditing and SIEM
  • Define vulnerability management and the process of reporting weaknesses
  • List the key areas of data loss prevention
  • List common characteristics of digital forensics when working with storage subsystems

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