Data Analytics Certification and Training Courses


In a data-driven world, it is time for enterprises and professionals to gain a deeper understanding of Data Analytics and how to use the same for better decision-making. Any type of information collected can be your data and, once identified, will help you to optimize/ streamline business processes. In this regard, Data Analytics certification courses help professionals to analyze and work on the raw data for human consumption in the form of informed decision-making, finding out new opportunities, remove bottlenecks, and to improve overall productivity.
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Popular Data Analytics Certification and Training Courses Offered at Koenig Solutions:


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Data Analytics Certification Courses

Businesses that are effectively implementing Data Analytics are becoming more smarter in ways how they utilize their resources and better understand how to deliver value to customers which in turn will lead to better ROI.  With Petabytes and Exabytes of data being generated on a daily basis, it is critical of enterprises to utilize this raw data and convert them into actionable insights.  With Data Analytics Certification training, it leads to gaining a proper understanding of internal processes, scope for improvement, opportunities, utilize resources at peak capacity, and more.
There are many Data Analytics certification courses out there provided by various training providers, but Koenig Solutions provides the best of Microsoft and Cloudera Data Analytics Certification courses for professionals and enterprise teams worldwide in different learning modes.

Analyzing Data with Power BI

The Analyzing Data with Power BI certification training is an entry-level Data Analytics certification that is popular across industry sectors. This 3-day Analyzing Data with Power BI course from Microsoft is ideal for professionals who want knowledge and skills to analyze data with the Power BI tool. Participants taking part in this training will need to have basic knowledge of Windows OS, data warehouse schema, exposure to a programming language, and MS Excel.

Microsoft Excel 2016

The Microsoft Excel 2016 is part of Microsoft Office certification training programs offered by Koenig Solutions. This Excel 2016 training will help professionals to understand the basic skills of using an Excel sheet. By attending this 1-day Excel 2016 training course, participants will learn how to use logical functions, math, statistical, create charts and graphs.  Today, Excel knowledge is something that is quite mandatory on one's resume. This Excel 2016 course is ideal for anybody who is looking to maximize their productivity by utilizing Microsoft Excel 2016 tool.

Cloudera Data Analyst Certification Training

The Cloudera Data Analyst training is an intermediate level training for professionals who want to learn to apply data analytics and BI to Big Data. This 4-day Cloudera Data Analyst certification training will help professionals to understand the tools required to access, manipulate, analyze, and transform data sets using SQL and other scripting languages. This Data Analyst certification training will be delivered by an Accredited Cloudera Training Partner in Koenig Solutions.

MCSA: BI Reporting Certification

To earn the MCSA: BI Reporting certification, one needs to undertake two training courses in 'Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Power BI' and Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Microsoft Excel. Attend this MCSA BI Reporting training from a Microsoft Gold Partner in Koenig Solutions. Participants attending this training will learn about analyzing any given data with both Power BI and Excel tools. This BI Reporting training is ideal for Data Analysts, BI Professionals, and job roles who regularly create reports using Power BI.

Who can take up Data Analytics Certification Training?

The Data Analytics Certification Training Courses are mainly focused on converting any raw data into useful and actionable insights by which decisions can be taken to improve business processes, deliver better customer services, and identify new opportunities. Job roles that can benefit from Data Analytics Certification training include, but are not limited to:
  • Business Intelligence Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Professionals using Microsoft Power BI 
  • Professionals using Microsoft Excel
  • Professionals managing data
  • IT Managers
  • System Architects
  • Database Administrators
  • Anybody who are looking to understand various Data Analytics tools
  • Professionals who want to gain a thorough understanding of Data Analytics
  • Professionals looking to clear their respective Data Analytics certification exams

Reasons to choose Data Analytics Certification Courses from Koenig Solutions

  • Data Analytics certification courses from various vendors such as Microsoft and Cloudera under one roof
  • Expert Data Analytics trainers with real-world experience to help you realize the importance of data analysis to streamline business processes
  • Data Analytics course material prepared by industry experts who have a holistic understanding of data analysis
  • Be part of Data Analytics live online training from an accredited training partner of both Microsoft and Cloudera 
  • Get convenient time schedules for working professionals and students in both 4 hour and 8 hour time slots for Data Analytics training
  • Achieve industry-acknowledged Data Analytics course completion certificate from Koenig Solutions
  • Take part in best of Data Analytics courses that are 'Guaranteed to Run' and one which offers with 'Exam Pass Guarantee'
  • Be part of the new normal through Data Analytics to create a career path that is more enriching and rewarding as well

Benefits of Data Analytics Certification Training

  1. Data analytics is being implemented across industry sectors and this gives certified professionals the edge and flexibility to work in any sector
  2. Identify critical business insights by using data analytics tools in the form of Power BI and Excel 
  3. Enhance your career prospects globally through Data Analytics certification credentials from Microsoft and Cloudera
  4. Get better salaries for professionals with Data Analytics certification training. The average salary of Data Analytics certified professionals is in the range of USD 62,000 to 86,000 per annum in the US.
  5. Create a successful career path with industry-recognized Data Analytics certifications 
  6. Data Analytics certified professionals would help enterprises to achieve improved productivity, streamline processes, find new opportunities, reduced waste, and many more.
  7. Professionals who achieve certification in data analytics will be given better job responsibilities which will help them to grow in their careers
  8. Increase your market value with Data Analytics certifications which demonstrates your knowledge of converting raw data to actionable data.

Data Analytics Certification Process

One can become a Data Analytics certified professional by gaining knowledge through various certification courses. Below are the steps to become a Data Analytics certified professional:

  • Select relevant Data Analytics Certification training from an accredited training organization
  • Make the payment for your Data Analytics Certification course
  • Prepare beforehand for the training by going through the training collaterals provided by Koenig
  • Attend the Data Analytics training and clear your doubts about the different vendor exams 
  • Prepare for relevant Data Analytics exam by taking up mock sample tests 
  • Apply for the certification exam online from Pearson Vue and other exam institutes to clear the exam
  • Become a Data Analytics Certified Professional to enhance your career prospects with opportunities globally 


Salary prospects for Data Analytics Certified Professionals

Considering the widespread adoption of Data Analytics across the globe, there is a huge demand for certified professionals. Let us look at Data Analytics certified professionals' salaries in different parts of the world.

United States

USD 62,000 to USD 86,000

United Kingdom

Pounds 27,000 to 55,000


Rupees 3.25 lakhs to 11 lakhs 


AUD 69,000 to 90,000 


AED 121,000 to 250,000


SGD 49,000 to 90,000


Job Prospects for Data Analytics Certified Professionals

With companies taking the data analytics route to gain critical information on improving processes, productivity, reduce waste, find new avenues for providing better customer service. There is a huge demand for certified Data Analytics professionals. According to job portal, companies hiring Data Analytics professionals include Red Bank, Alphonso, FedEx, CGI Group, Accenture, Zendesk, GrowFlow, AT&T, Google, and more.



Ans - No, the published fee includes all applicable taxes.

Data Analytics, Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning are all related to data and scientific computation of raw data. These are all the new and evolving technologies that have already made quite a few inroads in today's challenging business landscape. And it is here to stay. So, yes, Data Analytics certification training is worth it and will stay the same in the future as well. There is a great demand for Data Analytics certified professionals, but the supply for the same is very low at the moment.

Participants can take up their various Data Analytics certification exams from Pearson Vue and other Examination institutes.

Today the world is dependent on data. Anything and everything is analyzed through data analytics as it helps enterprises to perform at their optimum level. In fact, data analytics helps individuals and enterprises to derive at better business decisions, understand their customers better, identify new opportunities, create better products and provide overall better services that help enterprises achieve their business goals.

The cost of the Data Analytics certification exams differs according to the vendor from which you choose your training. Below are the exam fees details:
  • MCSA: Power BI Reporting Certification Exam fee is USD 165.
  • Analyzing Data with Power BI Certification Exam fee is USD 165.
  • Microsoft Excel 2016 Certification Exam Fee is USD 100.
  • Cloudera Data Analyst Certification Exam Fee is USD 295.
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist Certification Exam Fee is USD 180.

If you have relevant experience or required prerequisites to sit for relevant data analytics certification exam, then you need to:
  • Sit for an instructor-led Data Analytics Certification training through classroom or live online mode
  • Complete the assignments and tasks given by the trainer
  • Prepare for the relevant Data Analytics exam from a particular governing body such as Microsoft/ Cloudera/ SAS 
  • Take up your certification exam in person at Pearson Vue or other Exam centers in  your location or through web proctored mode
  • Clear your Data Analytics certification exam on your 1st attempt to become a certified professional

As the Data Analytics certification training is provided by multiple governing bodies, each certification training will have different criteria. Some Data Analytics certification exams do not have any prerequisites, whereas others need to have knowledge of tools and operating systems such as Windows OS, MS Excel, and exposure to the programming language.

Yes, Koenig Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Cloudera training partner to deliver their Data Analytics certification training for both individuals and enterprise teams globally.

As part of your Data Analytics training from Koenig Solutions, you will receive:
  • A copy of the Data Analytics course material
  • Exclusive resources from Microsoft, Cloudera, SAS, and other vendors
  • Sample Practice test papers for relevant Data Analytics certification exams
  • Exam Vouchers for your certification exam

Some of the popular Data Analytics certification courses are:
Cloudera Data Analyst certification training
  • MCSA: Power BI Reporting
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Power BI
  • Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Analyzing Data with Power BI
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist, Check Data Science Course at Koenig 

Microsoft Data Analytics certification courses are valid for 2 years, and can be maintained by getting recertified in the same. For Cloudera, their Data Analyst certifications are valid for two years. And for SAS Data Scientist certification is valid for 3 years.

Data analytics can be implemented in enterprises across industry sectors. With information collection, it needs to be segregated and use for human consumption to solve problems, aid decision-making, and better serve customers, creates better products and services. Companies that fail to analyze their data will be left behind in today's competitive market place.