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Cyber Security Skills Roadmap Explore this interactive training roadmap to find the right courses for your immediate cyber security skill development and for your long-term career goals. starting a career in security and need a good foundation? Want to specialize in Pen Testing? Want to advance your technical skills? Security+ CompTIA Security+ is one of the top certifications you can obtain to certify your expertise and skills in the field of cybersecurity. Therefore, it is not surprising to see that this certification has become very prevalent among security professionals. Certified Network Defender The Certified Network Defender (CND) certification program focuses on creating Network Administrators who are trained on protecting, detecting and responding to the threats on the network. Network administrators are usually familiar with network components, traffic, performance and utilization, network topology, location of each system, security policy, etc. CEHv10 The CEH was the leading certification to bring “black hat” hacking methods to a mainstream audience of IT specialists; providing the knowledge needed to anticipate and respond to cyber-criminal methods adequately. These are the 6 advantages of CEH Advance your security career Learn how to think like a hacker It’s not just useful for penetration testers Improve your knowledge of risks and vulnerabilities The CEH will boost your salary You’ll learn to use real hacking tools   Advance penetration Testing he Advanced Penetration Testing (APT) course will teach you how to perform a professional security test as well as how to produce the next most important thing… the findings and the report! The ranges progress in difficulty and reflect an enterprise level architecture. There will be defenses to defeat and challenges to overcome. This is not your typical FLAT network! As the range levels increase you will encounter the top defenses of today and learn the latest evasion techniques.   Cyber Security Analyst [CySA+] Cybersecurity has become more and more significant by the day, as the number of cyber attacks escalates accompanied by the continuous sprawling of connected internet devices the world over. Such a situation produces grave concerns for IT companies and calls for more recruitments of well-equipped and highly skilled cybersecurity professionals to address the concerns and overcome the security challenges. While there are several certifications for cybersecurity professionals out there, Comptia Cyber Security Professional is probably the most popular one among them. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator

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Live Virtual Classroom (Instructor-Led)
Duration : 25 Days
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Classroom Training(Available: London, Dubai, India, Sydney, Vancouver)
Duration : 25 Days
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Course Prerequisites
Excellent computer skills and familiarity with computer hardware and computer network equipment Computer programming skills Strong written communication skills Excellent analytical skills to review relevant data