Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2

Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 Certification Training Course Overview

In this Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 course, you will learn the core skills required by an ATG Administrator to design and implement a fully functioning ATG site. You will also learn installing ATG, setting up required databases, configuring an ATG application for a production environment, and deploying staging, production and administration servers.

Course Objective

  • Install the ATG platform.
  • Design a site deployment topology.
  • Set up ATG-required databases.
  • Use the ATG Configuration and Installation Manager.
  • Configure Commerce and Content Administration servers.
  • Create a distributed clustered environment.
  • Deploy a custom Web Commerce application.
  • Configure external caching with Coherence.
  • Use tools to test, monitor, and troubleshoot your site.

Target Audience

  • Administrator
  • Developer
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator

Configuring and Deploying an Oracle ATG Web Commerce Site Rel 10.2 (40 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Getting Started with ATG
  • The ATG Project Lifecycle
  • ATG Concept Overview
  • Installing ATG
Module 2: Planning Your ATG Site
  • Understanding ATG server types
  • Planning server clusters
  • Creating a site plan
Module 3: Setting Up ATG Databases
  • Installing required schemas
  • Importing initial data
  • Introduction to the Configuration and Installation Manager (CIM) tool
Module 4: Configuring ATG Servers
  • Using CIM
  • Creating a server configuration folder
  • Implementing your site plan
Module 5: Configuring ATG Components
  • Creating properties files
  • Configuration layering
  • Configuring a backup server lock manager
Module 6: Assembling and Deploying a Commerce Application
  • Java EE overview
  • Assembling Enterprise Archives (EARs)
  • Deploying EARS on Oracle WebLogic
  • Starting ATG servers on WebLogic
Module 7: Configuring a Distributed Site
  • Configuring host specific ATG services
  • Assembly options and standalone mode
  • Using WebLogic Node Manager with ATG servers
Module 8: Setting up a Cluster
  • Understanding application server clustering
  • Configuring session backup
  • Setting up configuration groups
Module 9: ATG and Coherence
  • ATG and Coherence
  • ATG Repository External Caching
  • Configuring ATG as a Coherence Client
Module 10: Asset Management
  • Content Administration overview
  • Setting up data sources for import
  • Importing initial assets
  • Defining an asset deployment topology
Module 11: Monitoring, Testing and Deploying
  • Using ATG Administration Console
  • Using ATG monitoring and load testing tools
  • Understanding log files and stack traces
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Course Prerequisites
  • Basic Computer Knowledge.
  • Design a multi-host site topology
  • Deploy a custom Commerce application
  • Set up ATG databases
  • Prepare a site for launch
  • Integrate ATG with a Java EE application server
  • Monitor active site components
  • Configure Commerce and Content Administration Servers