• Koenig is creating solutions which will lead to more learning. Koenig has adopted a policy of collaboration with IT Training companies. Our mission is to restore confidence in ROI of IT education, increasing the value created for customer, increasing the size of the industry.
  • Following are Koenig’s community projects:
  • Employment Exchange for Digital Skills (EEDS) – The dynamics of technology require new skills almost every few months. Unemployed and under-employed populace do not have transparent visibility of the skills required by the industry. Correspondingly industry requires a platform to communicate the skills required by them.
  • The Employment Exchange for Digital Skills tries to solve this conundrum. It enables companies to post their requirement for skills. These are immediately advertised to people looking for jobs / upgrading their skills. This data is shared with all training companies offering relevant courses in India. This aligns the skills upgrade with the industry needs in real time.
  • MapIT - Koenig has undertaken a community driven project to make sense of Universe of Technologies, Courses and Topics and their relationships.
  • MapIT.Technology
  • Course seekers can search for a Technology and see all courses in that technology or search by topic and see courses which teach that topic. Sales / Counsellors training companies can freely access this data.
  • QuBits - Learning happens when we are questioned. Koenig has collated course wise and technology wise repository of questions. Anyone can test the knowledge for free. You can also submit questions and be credited as an author.
  • Github4Trainers - Trainer requires knowledge beyond the course to deliver a successful training programme. Koenig has collated this knowledge and made it available free for all the trainers. You can access by course - case studies, scenarios, analogies, examples, exam tips, error logs, videos, pre study/pre requisite videos, day wise schedule.