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Cloudera and Hortonworks are merged. Cloudera has updated its course material according to Hortonworks and now there are no separate courses for Hortonworks.

Which organization doesn’t have big data? Big Data requires smart management. It is important to structure, store, analyze and process the data wisely. Cloudera is the leading Big Data Open Source software. It has built its portfolio upon Apache Hadoop and other popular open sources data warehouse projects such as Hive, Pig, Spark and HBase. Together, they provide an ecosystem that changes the way companies organize and manage data. Apache Hadoop is an open source platform while Cloudera provides security, system management and system integration in order to club the data sources together. Cloudera is considered as one of the top big data certification providers and Hadoop as one of the top four big data platforms. Cloudera training and certification courses are recognized around the world. Build your data management strategies today and create better future prospects.

Certifications/ Courses Available Dates
Cloudera Apache Hadoop Administration
Duration : 4 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,060, Dubai: $ 2,800, India: $ 2,121
Jul 7-10 (Dubai) , 8-11 (Bangalore) , 8-11 (Delhi) , 15-18 (Chennai) , 22-25 (Bangalore) , 22-25 (Delhi) , 28-31 (Dubai) , 29-1 (Bangalore)

Aug 5-8 (Chennai) , 5-8 (Delhi) , 12-15 (Bangalore) , 26-29 (Delhi)

Sep 1-4 (Dubai) , 2-5 (Bangalore) , 2-5 (Delhi) , 9-12 (Bangalore) , 9-12 (Chennai) , 23-26 (Delhi) , 29-2 (Dubai) , 30-3 (Bangalore)

Oct 7-10 (Chennai)
Cloudera Data Analyst Training for Apache Hadoop
Duration : 4 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,060, Dubai: $ 2,850, India: $ 2,016
Jul 7-10 (Dubai) , 8-11 (Bangalore) , 15-18 (Chennai) , 29-1 (Delhi)

Aug 4-7 (Dubai) , 5-8 (Bangalore) , 5-8 (Delhi) , 12-15 (Chennai) , 26-29 (Delhi)

Sep 1-4 (Dubai) , 2-5 (Bangalore) , 2-5 (Delhi) , 9-12 (Bangalore) , 9-12 (Chennai) , 23-26 (Delhi) , 29-2 (Dubai) , 30-3 (Bangalore)

Oct 7-10 (Chennai) , 14-17 (Bangalore) , 21-24 (Chennai)

Nov 18-21 (Chennai)
Hadoop Developer with Spark
Duration : 4 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,060, Dubai: $ 2,800, India: $ 2,121
Jul 8-11 (Bangalore) , 15-18 (Chennai)

Aug 4-7 (Dubai) , 5-8 (Bangalore) , 5-8 (Delhi) , 12-15 (Chennai) , 25-28 (Dubai)

Sep 2-5 (Delhi) , 9-12 (Bangalore) , 9-12 (Chennai) , 22-25 (Dubai)

Oct 7-10 (Chennai) , 14-17 (Bangalore) , 21-24 (Chennai) , 27-30 (Dubai)

Nov 18-21 (Chennai)

Student Feedback

Student Name Country Month Feedback
Seema Katakkar India Jun-2019 Good food, facility is OK. Person coming to check and know if everything is okay or not and is there anything that an be improved was a good initiative
Abdulkarim Alshunaibar Saudi Arabia Jun-2019 He was very professional and organized. I will recommend him for my colleagues
Karthikeyan Selvaraj Singapore Jun-2019 Knowledgeable and detail oriented. Answered all my doubts.
Rama Krishna Yechuri India May-2019 Trainer has the immense knowledge on the HADOOP Ecosystem and able clarify my doubts with patience and examples.
Oshinowo Ifeoluwa Nigeria Apr-2019 The training expose my knowledge to new technologies.
Azeez Olamide Busari Nigeria Apr-2019 Fantastic Trainer
Vikas Kumar Mewara India Mar-2019 Good experience. Had a little difficulty with the table and seating arrangement which was not addressed. Not sure if there were other rooms available or not. Food provided was decent, but could have been better.
Raja Govindan Oman Mar-2019 It was very fantastic and fabulous experience while learning the Hadoop administration at your premises. Your staffs are gentle and down to earth in dealing with customer which were excellent and impeccable.
Arun Raksmey Cambodia Mar-2019 He explain clearly with example, but sometime he speaks very fast in English-India it so hard for me to understand.
Viswanath Dasari India Mar-2019 Koeing environment is very good. I never seen this type of environment in any training institution. I would like to thanks to Manohar who helped me to get customized training on Hadoop.
Chidambara J R India Mar-2019 interactions are good and the knowledge. involve students in discussions.
Dhanapal Gomathypriya India Feb-2019 Joined Koenig as per the suggestion by Cloudera University
Gilbert Kayumba Rwanda Jan-2019 Will be good to make it a 10 days course especially for the first time learner

Who should do Cloudera training and certification courses?

  • System Administrators
  • IT managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Developers
  • Data Engineers
  • Data Scientist

Cloudera Training and Certification Course Benefits

Upon completion of these courses, you will be able to:

  • Master real-time data processing
  • Execute real-life industry based projects
  • Identify the various components of Hadoop ecosystem
  • Gain an in-depth knowledge of Big Data framework using Hadoop and Spark
  • Understand MapReduce concepts
  • Understand and execute HBase
  • Create and implement Spark applications



What is Big Data Science?

Data science deals with everything that is related to data management such as data processing, structuring, organizing, analysis etc. Big Data is a term given to large volumes of data that requires management. It refers to both structured and unstructured data. Managing such data sets is not possible with old traditional applications that exist.

What are the career prospects upon clearing Cloudera training and certifications?

Certifications catering to big data management paves way for vivid career profiles. Cloudera certifications are industry recognised and accepted globally. One can vouch for roles such as Data Analyst, Hadoop Developer and System Administator. Salaries at the entry level on an average are around $55,754 per annum.

Who is a data architect?

Data architects are professionals who practice an IT discipline associated with designing, creating and managing the respective organisation’s database.

What are the benefits of Cloudera training and certification courses?

Cloudera certifications help you find better jobs with high salaries. These courses also make professionals eligible for salary hikes and promotions.

Is Data Analyst same as Business Analyst?

The terms Data Analyst and Business Analyst are often used interchangeably. Though, the roles assigned to a Business Analyst are more as compared to a Data Analyst. A business Analyst analyses data and assess entire business requirements of an organisation whereas a data analyst focuses only on an organisation’s database.

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