Certified Web Application Security Tester (C-WAST)


This course is gone for corporate group of audience. we have part of individuals getting some information about our White Hat Hacker courses. The majority of corporate crowd who are in job of configuration, code, testing constantly needed something which is explicit on web applications improvement, coding and security testing for web applications.

This course is taken from confirmed white cap programmer level 1, level 1 propelled, level 2, level 2 "Break the security" just for web designers, analyzers. All course material in four courses identifying with web applications has been assembled into this single course.

This course is all you need on the off chance that you need to do

  • web application coding security
  • web application security testing
  • ethical hacking of uses
  • web entryway security testing


  • web applications coder, analyzer, creator
  • application software engineers
  • coders
  • testers
  • application plan
  • application configuration engineers
  • ethical programmers 


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Classroom Training*
Duration : 5 Days
Fee : India : $1,700 , Dubai : $2,600

08-12 (Dubai)
12-16 (dubai)
08-12 (Dubai)

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After completion this course you will learn following topics:

  • You will be driven through a scope of best in class hacking instruments and procedures to enable you to direct a total web application security appraisal.
  • Once ready to distinguish and abuse vulnerabilities, you will get familiar with a scope of cautious counter measures, enabling you to create applications that are progressively impervious to assault and give a superior assurance to information resources.