Certified Blockchain Professional Quiz Questions and Answers

All blocks contain a link to the previous block, except for:

Answer :
  • The first block.

In the future, Blockchain applications will include:

Answer :
  • Cryptocurrency transactions, transactions between governments, companies and consumers, voting, healthcare and many other applications.

What is a DAO?

Answer :
  • Decentralized Autonomous Organization, one of the most complex forms of smart contracts

New transactions are broadcasted to ?

Answer :
  • All Nodes

Digital signature is combination of _______?

Answer :
  • Message + Private Key

Private Key size is ______?

Answer :
  • 32 bytes

Where does the bitcoin transaction happens?

Answer :
  • Nodes connected on Peer to Peer Network

Which one is true?

Answer :
  • A) Bitcoin is a de-centralized cryptocurrency
    B) It does not require a bank or government for transaction
    C) Bitcoin is not a fiat currency
    All of the above

Which of these Blockchain network participants performs B2B transactions?

Answer :
  • Blockchain User

Which of the following characteristics does not let Bitcoin be anonymous?

Answer :
  • All transactions are recorded on a global transparent ledger that can be traced using analytical technologies