Oracle/Build Web Apps using APEX & Autonomous Database Ed 1

Build Web Apps using APEX & Autonomous Database Ed 1 Certification Training Course Overview


This course will help you in migrating on-premises database apps to Oracle Cloud and develop the RESTful web services. You will create an Autonomous Transaction Processing database and use APEX Web to create the applications.

Target Audience

  • Developers
  • Cloud Developers
  • Database Developers

Learning Objective

  • Describe Oracle Autonomous Database and APEX Web
  • Accessing and using APEX Web on Autonomous Database
  • Migrate a database app to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Develop RESTful Web Services with APEX Web

Build Web Apps using APEX & Autonomous Database Ed 1 (8 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Getting Started with Oracle APEX on ADB
  • Describe Oracle APEX
  • Explain the key features of Autonomous Database
  • Describe low-code application development
  • Discuss Oracle APEX : Use Cases
  • Log in to Oracle APEX
  • Install and run a packaged app
Module 2: Creating a Database Application
  • Explain App Builder concepts
  • Describe the types of applications you can build using Application Express
  • List the components of a database application
  • Create a database application based on existing tables
  • Create a database application from a file
  • Create a mobile web application
Module 3: Creating and Managing Database Objects Using SQL Workshop
  • Describe SQL Workshop and list its components
  • Browse through database objects using the Object Browser
  • Create and modify database objects
  • Create a lookup table
  • Run SQL commands and SQL scripts
  • Load and unload data using Data Workshop utility
  • Build a SQL query using Query Builder
  • Generate SQL using Quick SQL
  • Generate DDL statements
Module 4: Migrating Database Applications Between Environments
  • Describe the steps involved in migrating an application between environments
  • Describe the steps involved in migrating an application between environments
  • Import the application definition, underlying database objects, and data in the target development environment
Module 5: Developing RESTful Web Services
  • Explain the principles of RESTful web services
  • Develop RESTFul web services with Application Express
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Course Prerequisites

Working knowledge of Oracle SQL Basic of knowledge of Oracle Database Basic knowledge of developing applications using Oracle Database