7 Reasons Why CEH Certified Professionals Are in Demand in 2023?
The security and privacy are the two biggest concerns that have emerged on top of the big boom in ecommerce and social media circuits globally. The digitization and internet awareness into the deepest corners of the world have highlighted security even more. The business firms and companies worldwide have finally recognized the needs of security reinforcements and expert professionals who can provide, update and test the vulnerabilities of these reinforcements on a regular basis.
The modern world does not use the warfare of guns and bullets and the modern century boasts of cyber armies who can get the seriously sensitive data and information out from the systems and servers of various business rivals. And to save them from such devious techniques, every company or organization needs professional people in their ranks known by the term white hat hackers or ethical hackers to ensure their systems and servers are constantly updated on the latest security standards of the world.
The white hacker or an ethical hacker is trained to use the same set of tactics that are used by an outsider malicious hacker to gatecrash your systems and servers. And provide valuable insights and inputs to how to make the whole company enterprise more secure in the light of future cyber attacks. How do you safeguard your house, well say you install doors and locks and a security system and security guard to make it impenetrable, right? The same way companies employ a team of security experts and ethical hackers to lay down the security foundation for their servers and systems followed by a series of tasks constantly demands testing and penetration skills to detect the vulnerabilities.

7 Reasons Why CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Certified Professionals are in Demand?

  • They know all the bad Moves
  • Compact knowledge of tools
  • A better knowledge of the exploits
  • Comprehensive abilities
  • Attack is the best line of defense
  • Reputation of the credential
  • More wide scope

1. They know all the bad Moves

While getting a  CEH ethical hacker certification is guaranteed to give you insights into the hacking environment. The ec council certification also helps one to think like a hacker and anticipate the moves of a potential bad guy adamant to ruin the systems of an organization and leak sensitive data that you work in. The certification imparts you enough skills to take the bad guy on at his own game and win by a big margin. And companies to make their systems safe and secure always hire professional who can compete with the bad guys consistently at the highest level.

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2. Compact knowledge of tools

The CEH trained professionals have a better knowledge of hacking tools than the non certified individuals. This expert knowledge of all the different hacking tools can give significant advantages to a certified hacker and this can also work a great deal for a company employing that individual. The expertise of various tools can cover all the aspects of a potential attack and can help a great deal in curbing the situation and the companies always want people who are well equipped with all the tips and tricks of their genre.

3. A better knowledge of the exploits

The certified professionals are trained in the life cycle of exploits and this can swing things in their favor as they can predict not only the visible vulnerabilities of the system enterprise but they can even predict the future to how some current things can lead to vulnerabilities later. And this can safeguard the interests of an organization at a greater level and give them enough reasons to vouch for a certified individual.

4. Comprehensive abilities

The CEH prepares the professional on a merit of dealing with hacking situations comprehensively. Hacking is not a knowledge or skill related to a particular filed but it requires you to be credible in various departments. One needs not only the knowledge of programming languages, operating systems but also various soft skills associated with the domain. And a certified individual is trained in all those aspects in a better way than probably a non certified professional.

5. Attack is the best line of defense

The CEH training prepares you to develop an offensive way to look at the things in the hacking environment and this is an important skill to have while facing a real-time security crisis in a job. The training provides you to have better a perspective in all the security situations and gives you enough leverage to use the attack as the best line of defense while facing the malicious hackers. And companies need these sorts of skills in their potential employees to make the organization more full proof in security matters.

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6. Reputation of the credential

Although the training and real-time experience are equally important to be a top-notch hacker. More and more companies are vouching for certified security professionals to join their ranks and this has definitely led to an increase in the demands of certified ethical hackers. The CEH certification is the highest level certification for an individual who is looking to pursue a  career in ethical hacking  and this can benefit you to secure a job at the highest level.

7.More wide scope

The certification is identified by major government agencies and this can give you a certified individual a well pronounced edge over other individuals vouching for the same job in government sectors. There is a great demand of certified professionals in the investigating and forensic departments in not only government sectors but also in the private organizations.

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