Apache TomCat 7 - Developer Essential

  • Overview

    The Course follows a Hands-on method to explain Tomcat installation, configuration and maintenance. It provides participants with the knowledge of middle architecture used to host many websites, and middleware support. It equips participants with the capacity for resolution of migration issues as well as improvement of maintenance solutions. In a three-step process, this course first teaches the participants nuances of TomCat installation and configuration on various Operating systems, then moves on to building application frameworks for enterprise environments and focusing on load balancing and clustering. Finally, the course teaches participants how to deal with critical issues and performance tuning for better server management.

    Course Objectives

    • Learning Key Features of Tomcat, including Use of a nonce to prevent CSRF attacks; altering the jsessionid to stop session fixation attacks; Servlet 3.0, JSP 2.2 and JSP-EL 2.2 support.
    • Installing and configuring Tomcat
    • Utilizing the advanced configuration functionalities of Tomcat
    • Scaling, troubleshooting, and fine-tuning Tomcat Administration
    • Building application frameworks for enterprise environments
    • Dealing with Critical issues that could hamper application development.
    • Improving server management
    • Understanding Load-Balancing
    • Understanding Clustering

    Course Details / Exam(s)

    Schedule for Apache TomCat 7 - Developer Essential
    Course Regular Track
    Apache TomCat 7 - Developer Essential 3
    Balance Days Apache TomCat 7 - Developer Essential Training Certification Course for day of arrival and practice 1
    Total duration 4
    • OCP-JP 6/7
    • Developing Web Application with Servlet & JSP
    • Basic idea of Client - Server Architecture

    Suggested Prerequisites:

    • OCP-JP 7
    • Oracle Certified Expert, Java EE 6, Web Component Developer (Formally SCWCD)
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