Affiliate Program

You can earn handsome rewards by signing-up as an affiliate to promote Koenig courses. You will earn 5% on every course sold because of your efforts.

  • Step 1 – Sign-up as an affiliate by sending your profile to
  • Step 2 – You will receive login and password for Affiliate section
  • Step 3 – Submit details of individuals interested in Koenig training
  • Step 4 – You will be immediately notified if the individual is already a Koenig client
  • Step 5 – Koenig sales will contact the individual and provide all necessary details – you will be kept in the loop
  • Step 6 – You will be updated as soon as the individual registers with full payment and the 5% credited to your account
  • Step 7 – You will be paid your accrued amount monthly
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