Advance DevOps Tools - Git, Ansible, Kubernetes on baremetal and Azure, CI/CD with Jenkins Quiz Questions and Answers

Command to get ansible documentation of a module.

Answer :
  • ansible-doc < module >

Which ansible module is utilized for managing docker services and containers?

Answer :
  • docker_service

Which configuration management tool is agentless?

Answer :
  • Ansible

What uses a central server to store all files and enables team collaboration?

Answer :
  • CVCS

Select the stages in Git?

Answer :
  • Commited
  • Modified
  • Staged

Which machanism uses by Github for checksumming?

Answer :
  • SHA-1

Collection of files and folders associated with a project, along with each file's revision history called as….........?

Answer :
  • Repository

How do you save the current state of your code into git version control?

Answer :
  • By committing the staged changes with "git commit "