Active Directory Training & Certification Courses

Active Directory Training & Certification Courses
Active Directory Training & Certification Courses

A directory is a feature that stores information about various objects present on the network. Active Directory is a directory service that offers methods to store information and data and makes it available to the users. It is popular for storing the information in a logical and hierarchical manner.

The information stored in the Active Directory includes users’ details such as names, passwords and phone numbers. It also contains information about Active Directory objects which include shared resources like servers, volumes, printers and accounts.

The certification courses in Active Directory impart an in-depth knowledge of the practices involved in administering Active Directory technologies in Windows Server 2016. Hence, certifications in Active Directory proves an individual’s ability to maintain an Active Directory infrastructure in Windows Server 2016.

Certifications/ Courses Available Dates
download Implementing Active Directory Federation Services
Duration : 4 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,230, Dubai: $ 2,380, India: $ 1,680
Jun 30-3 (Dubai)

Jul 1-4 (Chennai) , 1-4 (Delhi) , 8-11 (Bangalore) , 22-25 (Bangalore) , 22-25 (Delhi) , 28-31 (Dubai) , 29-1 (Chennai)

Aug 5-8 (Delhi) , 12-15 (Bangalore) , 25-28 (Dubai) , 26-29 (Delhi)

Sep 1-4 (Dubai) , 2-5 (Delhi) , 9-12 (Bangalore)

Oct 14-17 (Bangalore)

Nov 18-21 (Chennai)
download Active Directory Services with Windows Server
Duration : 5 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,330, Dubai: $ 2,610, India: $ 1,795.50
Jul 8-12 (Delhi) , 14-18 (Dubai) , 15-19 (Bangalore) , 22-26 (Chennai)

Aug 5-9 (Delhi) , 11-15 (Dubai) , 12-16 (Bangalore) , 19-23 (Chennai)

Sep 2-6 (Delhi) , 9-13 (Bangalore)

Oct 14-18 (Bangalore) , 21-25 (Chennai)

Nov 18-22 (Chennai)
download Implementing Active Directory Rights Management Services with Exchange and Sharepoint
Duration : 4 days
Fees : Online: $ 2,230, Dubai: $ 2,390, India: $ 1,690.50
Jul 1-4 (Chennai) , 15-18 (Delhi) , 21-24 (Dubai) , 22-25 (Bangalore) , 29-1 (Chennai)

Aug 5-8 (Delhi) , 25-28 (Dubai)

Sep 2-5 (Delhi) , 9-12 (Bangalore) , 22-25 (Dubai)

Oct 14-17 (Bangalore) , 21-24 (Chennai) , 27-30 (Dubai)

Nov 18-21 (Chennai)
download Red Hat Security: Identity Management and Active Directory Integration (RH362)
Duration : 4 days
Fees : India: $ 1,680
Jul 1-4 (Chennai) , 1-4 (Delhi) , 22-25 (Bangalore) , 29-1 (Chennai) , 29-1 (Delhi)

Aug 5-8 (Delhi)

Sep 2-5 (Delhi) , 9-12 (Bangalore)

Oct 14-17 (Bangalore) , 21-24 (Chennai)

Nov 18-21 (Chennai)

Student Feedback

Student Name Country Month Feedback
Anil Kumar Singh India Apr-2019 It was excellent training experience we have ever. We are very happy.
Peeyush Maurya India Nov-2018 It was awesome getting labs for practicals while doing the training alongwith the trainer.
Kumara Swamy R India Nov-2018 It was a wonderful time with koenig virtual class. I observed in many places document was either spelling mistake or instructions were confusing. It is better that the document is reviewed twice.
Sushree Lenka India Nov-2018 There should be a instructor who is guiding us while connecting the sites may be from the local IT team.


What are the benefits of Active Directory?

The major benefits include:

  • A central repository system makes the task of network administration simpler.
  • AD enables a single point of management for network resources by providing a single sign-on.
  • All user accounts and passwords are stored at a common protected location.
  • AD provides facilities such as fault tolerance and redundancy.

What is AD DS?

AD DS (Active Directory Domain Services) is important and essential for distributed networks which use domain controllers. AD DS is responsible for providing a secure, structured and hierarchical data storage for objects within a network. The objects include computers, users, services and printers.

What is an Active Directory Domain?

A domain in Active Directory refers to the collection of objects within an Active Directory network. Here, an object can either be a single user or a group of users, or a hardware component. The objects are stored within a specific security boundary and interlinked in a tree-like structure.

What is Active Directory Structure?

In Active Directory, resources are organized in a logical or tree like structure allowing them to be located easily by name rather than their physical location. The logical structure is represented by the components mentioned below, which work together.

  • Organizational Units
  • Domains
  • Trees
  • Forests

What is FSMO in active directory?

The responsibilities of Domain Controllers in Active Directory have been divided into five different roles. These roles are known as Flexible Single Master Operation (FSMO) roles. These five roles together make a complete Active Directory system. The roles are:

  • Schema Master - one per forest
  • Domain Naming Master - one per forest
  • Relative ID (RID) Master - one per domain
  • Primary Domain Controller (PDC) Emulator - one per domain
  • Infrastructure Master - one per domain

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