Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions

Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions Certification Training Course Overview

Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions training course is designed for the developers and architects leverage Azure Cosmos DB. This course is focused on the Azure Cosmos DB database service in the Microsoft Azure Cloud and recommended for the database developers, big data developers, and architects who are leveraging Azure Cosmos DB in their solutions.

Target Audience

  • Database developers and architects

Implementing Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB Solutions (24 Hours) Download Course Contents

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Course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Azure Cosmos DBD
  • Review of NoSQL database structures
  • Migrating data and applications to Cosmos DB
  • Managing data in Cosmos DB
  • Creating and using a SQL API database in Cosmos DB
Module 2: Designing and Implementing SQL API Database Applications
  • Document models in Cosmos DB
  • Querying data in a SQL API database
  • Querying and maintaining data programmatically
  • Designing and implementing SQL API database applications
Module 3: Implementing Server Side Operations
  • Server-side programming with Cosmos DB
  • Creating and using stored procedures
  • Using triggers to maintain data integrity
  • Writing user-defined functions, stored procedures and triggers
Module 4: Optimizing and monitoring performance
  • Optimizing database performance
  • Monitoring the performance of a database
  • Tuning a database and monitoring performance
Module 5: Designing and Implementing a Graph Database
  • Graph database models in Cosmos DB
  • Designing Graph database models for efficient operation
  • Designing and implementing a Graph database
Module 6: Querying and Analyzing Big Data with Cosmos DB
  • Integrating Cosmos DB with Azure search to optimize queries
  • Analyzing data in a Cosmos DB database using Apache Spark
  • Visualizing data in a Cosmos DB database
  • Querying and Analyzing Big Data with Cosmos DB
Module 7: Implementing Stream Processing with Cosmos DB
  • Working with the Cosmos DB change feed
  • Integrating Cosmos DB into streaming solutions
  • Using Cosmos DB with stream processing
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Course Prerequisites
  • The fundamental concepts of partitioning, replication, and resource governance for building and configuring scalable applications that are agnostic of a Cosmos DB API.
  • A basic working knowledge of the Cosmos DB SQL API.


Upon Completion of this Course, you will accomplish following: -

  • Plan a partitioning strategy
  • Model data based on business use cases
  • Implement global distribution and high availability
  • Select a data consistency approach based on business use cases
  • Estimate and provision request units
  • Tune container settings
  • Implement security
  • Debug a Cosmos DB solution
  • Develop applications with the SQL API
  • Migrate from MongoDB to MongoDB API in Cosmos DB
  • Implement event-driven applications by using Azure functions, triggers and Cosmos DB change feed
  • Analyze Cosmos DB data with Apache Spark connector