1. Introduction to E-Commerce and Internet Marketing
  2. Generating Leads and Converting them to Business
  3. Building E-Commerce Websites
  4. Web Analytics
  5. SEO and Increasing Website Traffic
  6. Advertising Campaign
  7. Advertising on Search Engines
  8. E-mail Marketing
  9. Mobile Marketing
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Video Marketing
  12. Affiliate Marketing
  13. Blog Advertising and Marketing
  14. Podcast Advertising

Module 1- Introduction to E-Commerce and Internet Marketing

  • Understanding E-Business and E-commerce
  • Classification of E-commerce
  • Understanding Internet Marketing & Its uses
  • Stages of Internet Marketing
  • Techniques & Limitation for Internet Marketing
  • Effective Guidelines for Internet Marketing
  • Various Policies for E-commerce and Internet Marketing

Module 2- Generating Leads and converting them to Business

  • Understanding Conversion Rate
  • Introduction to Lead Generation
  • Various Ways of Lead Generation
  • What is Lead Funnel & How to Nurture Leads
  • How to convert Dead Leads
  • Understanding Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Maintaining Customer Relationship

Module 3-Building E-Commerce Websites

  • Understanding E- commerce Website
  • Points to be considered before setting E- commerce Website
  • Steps to create E- commerce Website
  • Mistakes to be avoided while building E- commerce Website
  • Concept of Landing Page
  • Content Engineering

Module 4 - Web Analytics

  • Introduction to Web Analytics
  • Web Analytics process and various tools used in Web Analytics
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Content & Conversion Overview
  • Principle of Digital Analytics Association
  • Best Practices for Web Analytics

Module 5- SEO and Increasing Website Traffic

  • Introduction to Search Engine & SEO
  • How Search Engines Works
  • SEO Process
  • Search Engines Penalties
  • Different SEO Myths
  • SEO Practices
  • Understanding about Website Traffic
  • Various Tools for SEO

Module 6- Advertising Campaign

  • Understanding Online Advertising and various Online Ads
  • Advertising on Blogs, Ezine and Social Networks
  • Steps to make various Advertising Campaigns
  • How to Monitor the effectiveness the success of online Advertising Campaign
  • Best Practices for Online Advertising

Module 7– Advertising on Search Engines

  • Advertising on different SEM Programs
  • Search Engine Advertising classifications
  • Importance & Objectives of Search Engine Advertising
  • Various Ads Format & Pricing strategy
  • Concept & Effectiveness of Landing Page
  • Steps Involved in PPC Advertising Campaigns

Module 8– E-mail Marketing

  • Introduction to E-mail Marketing and Its Types
  • Challenges of E-mail marketing
  • E-mail Marketing Management strategic planning
  • E-mail Campaign Management & Its Steps
  • Tools for E-mail Marketing

Module 9– Mobile Marketing

  • Concept of Mobile Advertising & Mobile Marketing
  • Technologies for Mobile Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising Ecosystem & Mobile Advertising buying Pattern
  • Mobile Campaigns
  • Types of Mobile Ads
  • Understanding Mobile Web
  • Mobile Search Marketing on Mobile Sites
  • What is Proximity Marketing & How Quick Response (QR) Code works
  • Mobile Marketing Industry Regulations

Module 10– Social Media Marketing

  • Understanding Social Media Marketing
  • Steps for Creating a Social Media Campaigns
  • Facebook Marketing And Its Tools
  • Twitter Marketing And Its Tools
  • LinkedIn Marketing And Its Tools
  • Google + Marketing
  • Do & Don’ts of Advertising on Social Networking Sites

Module 11– Video Marketing

  • Understanding Video Marketing
  • Types of Video Ads
  • Steps for Creating Video Ads Campaigns
  • Video Advertising Networks & Best Practices
  • You Tube Marketing & You Tube Analytics
  • Metrics to track Video Marketing Ads

Module 12– Affiliate Marketing

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and Key Planners in Affiliate Marketing
  • Methods to Advertise with Affiliate Networks, compensation & Pricing Methods
  • Guidelines to raise Affiliate Commissions
  • How to design Affiliate Marketing System
  • Best Practices for Affiliate Marketing

Module 13– Blog Advertising & Marketing

  • Understanding Blog Marketing & Blogging Terminology
  • Selection of Publisher
  • Types of Pricing Models for Ads
  • How to Join An Affiliate Networks
  • Creating a Word Press Blog
  • Understanding Content Writing & Outsourcing for Blogs
  • How to Earn with Blogging & What is Publisher Pricing

Module 14 – Podcast Advertising

  • Introduction to Podcasting & Benefits of Podcasting
  • Media Devices used for Podcasting
  • Podcasting Process & Tools
  • Best Practice for Podcasting Advertising
  • Tips for Promoting the Podcast
  • Tips for Effecting Podcasting