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I came to Koenig based on the recommendation of a previous student (in Nigeria)...

Temitope Odunewu (Nigeria), CCNA V2.0, CCNP & CCIP 21 Aug to 23 Sep 2009

I came to Koenig based on the recommendation of a previous student (in Nigeria).

On arriving India, I was met by a Koenig rep. at the airport, driven to the apartment, the reception there was also nice, I left Delhi for Dehradun the next day and also the Koenig staff was very organized and nice.

At Dehradun, I would like to say that from the Centre manager, to the trainers, even the housekeepers and the cooks are all extremely nice and very helpful.

I did the CCNA and CCNP courses and I had 2 different trainers for various aspects of the courses. I must say that they were both very knowledgeable about the courses and also they made me not just know enough to pass the exams but also to be able to understand to the very depth of what I was taught and also have the required confidence that is needed on the job.

I had access to various devices and was allowed to do my own configurations, implementation and even troubleshooting.

I would hope to definitely be back by God's grace to learn more because of this experience.
It was a very pleasant, educative and interesting experience.

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