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In 2005, I wanted to gain more knowledge about Windows Server system engineering, that why I started to study by myself the first MCSE exams...

Spychiger Fabien (Switzerland), MCSE 2000;CCA for Citrix Edge Sight 4.5 30 Oct to 18 Nov 2006

In 2005, I wanted to gain more knowledge about Windows Server system engineering, that why I started to study by myself the first MCSE exams. I quickly noticed, because of the time needed for each exam, that I would not be able to finished MCSE before the next version of Windows Server, that why a quickly started to look for a bootcamp solution.

Searching in internet, among all the expensive offer you can find in Europe, I felt on Koenig solutions website, which appeared as the only affordable bootcamp for me. More than that I was surprised because even if Koenig was cheaper than all other training center, they would provide you not only the course and exams, but also the accommodation and food during your stay, which was incredible for me !

At the beginning I was a bit afraid about the idea to go to India for this kind of training. I didn't know if the quality of the training would be good or even if the training center was actually real. After some email exchange with the training center itself, and some referenced student in Switzerland, I took the decision to go for a Microsoft MSCE and Citrix CCA training in November 2006 in Delhi. Before the training I ask Koenig to send me some MCSE and CCA books at home be ready before the real start of the training......

Taking the decision was probably one of the better thing I did in my career. By Koenig I met great trainer,I was able to share experience with professional from all around the world, and I came back home with a lot of email address from professional ready to help you ! Koenig took care of me from my arrival to my departure, they picked me up at the airport, gave me some cash for the first days, dropped me in a european standard hotel, a cab was brought me to the training center every day, great trainer prepared me and I passed all the 5 exams (4 msce 1 cca) in 18 days, and finally the fantastic "travel coordinator" helped me to organize my trip after the training period. I was in perfect condition to pass my exams, but I studied a lot, from 9 to 17 with the trainer, and probably 5 to 6 hours more back at the hotel, but it is worth of value ! More than that you will discover an incredible country which will help you to look forward in you future.

In summary, by Koenig you will find :

  • A Fantastic organization
  • A Great quality training with perfect facilities
  • A Wonderful human experience
I will definitely go back to India soon.......... Thanks to all the Koenig team !