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The training facility was very good and the trainer himself was knowledgeable in his subjects. The staff within the training facility, the apartment, minibus drivers, etc were all helpful and friendly...

Sailesh Kalyan (United Kingdom), 31 Mar to 04 Apr 2014

I'll start from the airport. A rep came to pick me up at the airport. He and his colleague were both very friendly and welcoming..I was given a welcome pack and the relevant course books.

I had chosen the Student Apartment to stay in whilst doing the course. The Apartment itself was clean. The room allocated to me was also clean. Both care takers were very friendly and helpful. I do not eat meat, eggs, fish. I'm a strict vegetarian. The caretakers understood this and always made a vegan dish for me to eat. I don't particularly like English tea, so the cook use to make masala tea for me.

The mini bus came to pick us up from our apartment around 8. The journey was not that long, and it was equipped with AC. The driver was a pleasant man. Koenig building was not too far from my apartment. Every new student was welcomed by the Center Manager. We had a quick intro on who to approach for specific things.

When I met my trainer, we had a quick intro with each other and he began my CCENT v2.0 course. He was quite knowledgeable in the topic he was teaching. He explained the material as clearly as he could and at the end of each topic asked each time if I understood what he has explained. If there was something I was unclear about, he would again explain it. The lab exercises were quite good as it helped me understand routing better. AND yet again he was very polite and helpful.

Lunch time - On the web-site it states all students will have a buffet lunch at the training centre. What they forgot to mention is that the food tasted really nice. You have to stop yourself from not over eating as you still have a few more hours of studying to do..!! AGAIN the person who was overlooking the lunch time meals and even other staff members were very polite and made sure that the food did not run out.

Also at this time, I got a chance to briefly meet some other students from various places, so it was quite good. At the end of day, we all had to gather around the front gate of the facility. The drivers would be waiting, but we didn't know who would be taking us. They would discuss amongst themselves who would be taking whom, and in the meantime we would be waiting around not knowing which mini bus to go to. This is the only negative point I can put. BUT the drivers themselves were friendly.

Going back to apartment - The evening meal was set to be ready by 7. Again, another chance to chat with the other guests and get to know them better. The cooks would always ask if the meal was ok. I had once requested that I cannot eat curries without roti, so from then on, they made rotis for me.. How cool is that. A cold soft drink is also served with the meal. If we wanted to take a water bottle from the fridge, we could, BUT had to sign a book, which was not much of a problem for me. I gave few a clothes to be washed to the caretaker. He was fine in his job. But I had to do the ironing myself OR have a person do it for a small charge (INR 10 per clothing).

The Apartment - it was kept clean. My room was okay. It had the basic facilities, but I was not able to use the shower. The caretaker was willing to move me to another room, but I refused as this was not that important to me and also I was settled in my room. The hot water was available, and Wi-Fi access was good too. In all, my stay at the apartment was quite pleasant. The training facility was very good and the trainer himself was knowledgeable in his subjects. The staff within the training facility, the apartment, minibus drivers, etc were all helpful and friendly. So my first experience of KOENIG Delhi was a good one. I would be willing to come again to this establishment for further training.

Thank you all.

Sailesh - UK