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The quality of training is equal to or better than anything I have encountered in U.K. The Instructor has agreed with me the focus of the training and tailored it to my requirements...

Robert Francis Mitchell (United Kingdom), LAMP Developer 22 Apr to 15 May 2013

I am Technical Programme/Project Manager that needs to keep up to date with the latest in-demand technologies

I am also a Consultant on social media marketing and I advise businesses on how to get the best from their internet presence, websites and social media.

I am originally from a Microsoft background: C++ on Windows, ASP.NET, SQL Server, MS Reporting Services etc so I have a deep understanding of the Microsoft technology and services stack.

Despite this I have spent much of the last 6 or 7 years working with Oracle at a high level and I have been involved with other Open Source systems so there was a hole to fill in my low level understanding of the Open Source technology stack to complement my Microsoft knowledge. I decided to fill this with a fast-track, 1 to 1 dedicated boot camp LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) course with Koenig Solutions at Shimla. This sort of comprehensive and intensive training was impossible to find at any sort of reasonable cost from any other training provider.

This has been so successful that I have booked an additional two courses with Koenig for JavaScript/JQuery and CSS3/HTML5.

This course has significantly assisted me in achieving these goals which will benefit both me and my clients.

The quality of training is equal to or better than anything I have encountered in the U.K. The Instructor has agreed with me the focus of the training and tailored it to my requirements. His breadth of knowledge has not been challenged at all by this.

The staffs are all obviously committed to making the Student's stays comfortable and safe. Any little niggles have been ironed out very quickly. The food is great with many options and very high quality. I suggested to the Chef that if he ever wants to go to the UK and set up an Indian restaurant the queue will be out of the door 24/7.

This is a really training focused environment. There are no distractions and hassles so I have been able to extract the most from my time here.

Shimla was a revelation. The training centre and accommodation are in the most desirable area of one of the most affluent cities in India. Most of our neighbors are professionals and indeed, the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh lives yards away. There is a noticeable police presence and there are very few hassles of any kind.

Shimla has more of a European feel than Asian, with families, tourists and locals strolling and chatting in the pedestrianised area in the warm evenings which is a ten minute walk from the training centre and student accommodation.

There is plenty to see in the area and around Shimla on your days off, it's a big tourist destination for both Indians and foreigners.

All in all it has been an enjoyable and fruitful experience and I would recommend Koenig Solutions Shimla without reservation to anyone that really wants to get the most from their training budget.