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In November 2009 I visited Koenig Solutions in Shimla for the Boot Camp "MCPD Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications with .NET 3.5"...

Pascal Enz (United Kingdom), MCPD: Enterprise Application Developer 3.5 26 Oct to 11 Nov 2009

In November 2009 I visited Koenig Solutions in Shimla for the Boot Camp "MCPD Designing and Developing Enterprise Applications with .NET 3.5". I had already done some MCTS exams before and I have several years of experience in .NET development. Therefore the Super Fast Track Course allowed me to set up my own schedule and gave me the possibility to focus on the new frameworks and to fill the knowledge gaps where necessary within a very short time and for amazingly low costs compared to Europe.

My friendly and experienced teacher was able to explain everything very clearly and we worked in an excellent atmosphere.

Shimla is a very beautiful place. It is clean, quiet and friendly. The views over the mountains are amazing and the monkeys make it even more a very special experience. One of my favorite places was the nice Barista Coffee Shop where I often did my exam preparation while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

I was surprised how well the whole boot camp was organized. Everything worked perfectly, the cabs were always punctual and the served food was delicious. This helped me to concentrate to 100 percent on my studies.

I really enjoyed my short stay in Shimla and I'm sure I will come again in a couple of years to renew my certifications.

Thanks for the great experience in Shimla,
Pascal Enz