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My name is Mawusi Akasreku. I am a Ghanaian working for the Electricity Company of Ghana...

Mawusi Akasreku (Ghana), MCITP Database Administrator: SQL Server 2008 03 Oct to 13 Oct 2011

My name is Mawusi Akasreku. I am a Ghanaian working for the Electricity Company of Ghana. We have a project at hand to develop, deploy and maintain an application to computerize the operation for new customers requesting for service connection. We have requested for training in the various disciplines. We are in three (3) groups. We googled for the suggested training programs and we ended up with Koenig Solutions.  Approval was given and all travel arrangements secured. My group has offered MCITP: Enterprise Administrator - Windows Server 2008 training from 2nd October to 13th October.

This is my second educational trip to India. The first was at Hyderabad. We landed at the airport on the 2nd of October, 2011. We just did as directed. We met an official from Koenig who greeted us and handed over to us a bag containing our first book and necessary documentations. He led us to the vehicle where the driver gave us a cheerful smile to welcome us. He drove straight to the Koenig Student Apartment in East Patel Nagar 34/5, New Delhi. We were met by our caretaker who took us to our rooms. What a wonderful impression on the first day.

On the first day of training we were taken through the registration process and then directed to our lab. I was surprised to meet students from all over the world. We met our instructor who welcomed us with a smile. I had some knowledge in Windows Server 2008 but when my instructor started with his skillful delivery of lectures, I realized I was a novice on the subject. He methodically explained and demonstrated very well during lectures and the lab sessions. We wish to have him in our organization. He has demonstrated to be a master of Windows Server 2008. I admire your portable labs for concentrated tutoring and learning.

Accommodation at the Koenig Student Apartment and meals were up to the standard. I enjoyed the vegetarian meals at the apartment. I would like to say that this institution is well planned and organised.

On our return to Ghana, we are going to demonstrate to our employers that we have acquired knowledge from Koenig Solutions. We shall install and configure all the necessary servers to host the application being developed by the other groups. We will recommend to management to consider training to others in Koenig Solutions. I will therefore promise that shortly you will meet another group of students from my company. We shall contact you for advise when the need arise.

I will like to take this opportunity to thank all staff of Koenig Solutions for their kind hospitality displayed during our stay. We shall be happy to welcome you to Ghana in the near future. 

Mawusi Akasreku
Sectional Manager (Hardware and Network)
Electricity Company of Ghana