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I, like several older students had to change positions due to the economy in the USA...

Eric R Lauer (USA), A+ 2012 08 Mar to 16 Mar 2013

I, like several older students had to change positions due to the economy in the USA. Being a Military member in the US Army my MOS Training was an 88M30, which is a logistic NCO, mostly driving all kinds of trucks; 5-tons, freight liners and other heavy military vehicles. In other words, my knowledge of the "IT World" was little to none.

After I arrived the early morning I took 1 day to compose myself with racing through 12 time zones. The next day I met my A+ trainer with a smile and total kindness. She sat me down and to work we went. 7 days later, I took some extra training time, I shocked myself with the knowledge I received in such a short period.

At the start if you asked me what a "mother-board" was, I would have said it would have been something to do with the kitchen. Now it is a board that holds all the major and minor components on the computer. CPU, north bridge south bridge and many more that I have learned not only what they are but how they are used.

So the training was way above what I thought I would get and the accommodations always on spot; clean, dinner on time, AC was very cold and just steps always from the metro and the mall.

Now I am ready to continue my studies at home with a major boost from Koenig Solutions, then start a new career and to come back to Koenig for more courses in the future.

Thanks Again and Good luck and Good training

SSG United State Army
FT Gordon Georgia (USA)