Profile -David Marshall Attended MCITP: Server Administrator Windows Server 2008 Training Course from Australia in 2009
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I decided on gaining some formal qualifications and having tried to study whilst working full time before, knew that full time instructor led study was the only way this would happen for me...

David Marshall (Australia), MCITP: Server Administrator Windows Server 2008 06 Jan to 28 Jan 2009

I decided on gaining some formal qualifications and having tried to study whilst working full time before, knew that full time instructor led study was the only way this would happen for me.  It is fairly common knowledge for people in IT that India is the cheapest place for IT study so I looked online for an option.  Although I already had work experience I was keen to go with a company that would not just provide a means to pass the exam and actually teach the material.  From the information available the company itself as well as from past students it seemed that Koenig would definitely do this.  As I already had a return ticket from London to Australia that stopped in Bangkok it was fairly simple for me to arrange a cheap return flight from Bangkok to Mumbai/Goa.  As I was traveling with my girlfriend we were keen to make sure it was also a holiday and pleasurable experience for us. For this reason I selected for regular track to have plenty of free time and we also decided to stay in Goa and then pay the extra money to stay in the resort option.  We weren't disappointed. 

When we arrived we were a little unsure of how things were going to unfold and were going to contact the school but then we discovered that a welcome pack had been left for us and this actually answered all the questions and concerns that we had.  From the outset my trainer made it clear that Koenig has a policy of teaching the subject matter rather than just facilitating for the passing of the exams.  I had two instructors during my training and they were both very knowledgeable on the course material and the product at large.  As the course I did is still reasonably new the official curriculum still had some holes in it which the instructors were keen to fill in and some mistakes which they were equally keen to identify and point out.  As the exams were quite broad in subject matter I was keen to exploit the knowledge of the instructors to the full often asking questions that were off topic but still relevant to me.  They were always answered and never ignored.  At times the instructors would come back to me with answers to questions that I had forgotten I had asked.  I found the one-on-one training to be far superior in value to any group led training that I have done. The main advantage was having the ability to spend more time on concepts that were difficult to me and then gloss over others that I had experience with.  This led to a more tailored course that was more relevant to my needs.  Of course, like most, my main objective was to pass the exams and this was achieved as well.  In fact, I was able to sit an extra exam with just a day’s prior arrangement meaning that I ended up with a more advanced qualification than I had set out to achieve. 

Ultimately, thorough Koenig, we were able to combine the training experience with an enjoyable holiday and cultural experience which was our aim. Although it can be daunting arranging something so significant in such a faraway country I felt confident from the outset in the professionalism of Koenig. If the opportunity arises I wouldn't have any hesitations with doing further study with them.

For people with previous experience, customise training to focus on new content rather than sticking to an allocated time slot for each module. In such cases 1on1 training is better option.